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  1. Question: With Aizen and his Kyoka Suigetsu being one, how does the whole "seeing the release of the sword triggers its ability" work now

  2. Yeah when you see him you’re hit with the condition for the Hypnosis to work, he just have to activate the actual hypnosis, or deactivate it like against his battle with yhwach while Ichigo helping him in the finale

  3. Unohana honestly got the short end of the stick, losing to Base Kenpachi and got powercrept. Yoruichi takes this easily.

  4. Considering Unohana kicked TYBW Zaraki up and down the block my money’s on her.

  5. Yeah and that zaraki scale where exactly? He had no shikai nor his bankai there, you can argue gin was able to cut aizen even if you want to argue aizen let him he still was shock by his speed through the emphasis on it in the manga and if he get a cut with his bankai don’t see unohana winning

  6. Man, you are madly crazy about VS

  7. That’s part of what make shonen fun for me, the matches

  8. Nah I literally made the same match yesterday đź’€

  9. Where are y'all getting these high quality color pages from 🤣

  10. when she says “no could’ve defeat, byakuya there” the context is missing for these types of matches for this to be used imo, it could’ve been simply her telling Ichigo that to make him stronger or it could’ve been simply been yourichi would’ve loss because she could’ve been holding back on him because of their past student and master relationship (look at the soi fon fight) or it could’ve been simply he would have beaten her, so to me personally its not the end all be all statement for them if they were fighting to the death without their morals

  11. Yourichi have more showings and better scaling, so her as of the information we have.

  12. With the recent update, they’re saying all my apps are corrupt, I factory reset my system and it’s still saying all the games and apps are corrupted even when I reinstall them and I can’t install Elden ring

  13. I can’t download Elden ring and not only that but they’re saying all my games are corrupt after the update

  14. Just not true, he was gone for a year even before that video

  15. Can I get a waiver for CO or ST for 6 points I want to join infantry or military police but I’m 7 points short I got a 39 on Asvab

  16. Soul society arc Fullbring arc Fake fake karakura town Tybw is all good, with a good female cast and side cast, power system, fights and great antagonists

  17. Dude, I just wanted to joke and piss off die hard fans...don't take it seriously :)

  18. That’s fine, I just believe your joke includes an opinion I disagree with, that’s all no hard feelings I like all the big 3

  19. It’s not bad just like average or slightly above average compared to the great things from the ff7 series

  20. It’s carried by the music and visuals or in other ones the studio not because of the manga, image if something like black clover had this animation it’ll be extremely popular

  21. It has be the best music in among shonen I have heard, second being Aot. Prove me wrong.

  22. “Do not fight in the North or the South. Fight every battle everywhere, always, in your mind. Everyone is your enemy, everyone is your friend. Every possible series of events is happening all at once. Live that way and nothing will surprise you. Everything that happens will be something that you have seen before.” -little finger

  23. Yeah been trying tell my friend that being the “embodiment of evil” for like 5 movies and doing the same repetitive stuff with no personality no motive get boring fast, and honestly he be having some of the worse kills in poplar slashers

  24. Michael is probably one of the only mainstream horror characters that hasn't had his legacy "tarnished" per se. Jason has had multiple gimmicky sequels and the acting was pretty terrible in some of those with really confusing plotlines. Freddy has had some weird stuff happen himself and got more into the horror/comedy realm since he spoke. Michael has had multiple sequels but really only left the realm of what made him scary with part 6 and arguably part 8?

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