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  1. Ah crud, sorry to hear that. It's such an infuriating experience that too many of us have gone through. If you haven't done so, I'd continue looking on Kijiji/FB to see if it pops up sometime in the next few months. The last one I had stolen showed up for sale 4-5 months later and the photos showed that my locks were still on it (they had unbolted and removed the post).

  2. Haha I'm the exact opposite. I love the piano sonatas but am drained by the quartets, especially if there's more than one piece performed in a row. Maybe it's my childhood background with piano and lack of significant strings exposure til much later in life.

  3. I'm really enjoying the composition on this shot, well done! The colour/lighting though I'm still undecided on: the muted palette gives it a bit of a gloomy vibe, and although I thought I might have preferred something a bit more saturated/contrasty during my initial viewing, I'm coming 'round to the thought that this might suit this photo better in the end.

  4. It depends a bit on what you're into: the AGO or other galleries could certainly be a great option, especially if you pair it up with some kind of birthday treat for yourself (me, I like coffee + pie). You could also explore the ravines/Brickwworks or any other neighbourhood in the city, or maybe the Aga Khan Museum.

  5. Aga Khan Museum* but this would be a great way to spend the day if you don’t mind venturing outside of the downtown core.

  6. When thinking about urban planning, what aspects are of interest to you? Policy? Design? Public Engagement? Something else?

  7. I wear a Spibelt and it works pretty well to keep the phone in place against my body. Some of my friends use the armband, but I don't like the feel of the band when I'm running. Others use a full waist pack that holds a water bottle or two. Just go with what's comfortable and that keeps the phone secure.

  8. Second places like Bike Pirates for at least a second opinion but also to see if there are options for refurbishing for yourself. Particularly useful if you like the bike and find it to be a comfortable ride.

  9. You might want to have a look at the Ontario Employment Standards legislation. This section might be of interest,

  10. Have you considered a used bag that's in good condition? They can be a great choice. Along the same veins, look to previous seasons' versions of bags that might be on clearance.

  11. The first thing that strikes me about this kitchen is how big it is, especially the spacing between each of the work surfaces. You should look up commercial kitchen design standards, both where you are and also in Japan.

  12. I'm a fan of the Xiaomi powerbanks, if you can find them where you are. Relatively affordable, reliable, and generally sleek and well designed. I've been using my old 10000MAh version for a long while now.

  13. Oof. this reminds me that I have a bunch of CS2 files I need to figure out how to convert or recreate someday.

  14. If you nudge it enough with your finger can you get a full shift in, or does it bind somewhere along the way? If you can push it manually, then try using a penetrating oil on each of the pivot points in the derailleur and repeat over the course of a few days. Sometimes with older derailleurs, especially ones that haven't been used in a while, they seize up after the grease breaks down or excessive dirt gets in.

  15. I also prefer SPDs if I have to ride clipped in for the same reasons as you stated. Second choice would be old school flat pedals with some kind of strap system. I don't use a power meter though, so can't comment on that aspect.

  16. Damn, wish I'd known about this. We've been doing this out of pocket so far.

  17. The one I'm part of organizes simultaneously on FB and Strava. My personal preference would be for them to shift to something a little less problematic like Signal, but so long as they have 2-3 methods, it should be okay for now.

  18. Read Donald Shoup to find out what parking minimums are actually based on.

  19. I've found this one to be a reasonably helpful starting point.

  20. Wild at Sea on Arbutus used to carry them.

  21. Did you mean the Finest At Sea fish market/cafe? Love that place!

  22. Know that hill all too well. Even worse on a hot sunny day, with not a scrap of shade in sight.

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