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  1. Her parents were aware that their fetus had Down Syndrome before the end of the first trimester of pregnancy. They've known since before she was born, decided to continue the pregnancy without hesitation and she is a very wanted and loved child by both mom and dad.

  2. Omg I really hope my comment didn’t come off as thinking they should’ve terminated or that they are filled with regret for having her. I was more thinking that he might just know that she isn’t going to move out at 18 for college so having a partner who doesn’t want to be involved with his daughter may cause issues for a very long time. He may just want more.

  3. I quit using Facebook as a social media platform a long time ago, but I still use it for Marketplace. In my area its the best way to get rid of stuff and make a little cash.

  4. My friend's mother declined lung cancer treatment because it would have used up all her savings. She knew she was dying and wanted to leave some money for her children and have enough to pay for the funeral.

  5. This happens in a forced-birth state and that kid's family is getting investigated.

  6. Whenever I want a healthy meal but don’t want to cook I order a McAlister’s kid’s meal. Salad with chicken and a side (usually Mac and cheese) is like 4 bucks. And you can rig the app to add a second kids meal with no side to get a kids baked potato for like an extra 3 bucks!

  7. Love their food, we use it as a "sit down" restaurant and get the $10 half sand/cup o soup with water. It's really good food. $10 per person for a sit down is A-OK with me.

  8. Fast food prices have gotten pretty ridiculous! Sandwich and a drink at Jimmy John’s was just over $10. Compared to the Big New Yorker at Pizza Hut for $13.99 that yielded 4 meals (and kind of obsessed with the melts - $6.99 two meals)

  9. Jimmy John's has always been overpriced. It was my kid's favorite place for a long time. I was paying $7 for a couple slices of ham and cheese on bread. They wouldn't even put mayo on it for us.

  10. leave a note at the door, contact the non emergency # for police dept if it's been more than 24 hours.

  11. Necessity is the mother of invention. Whatever comes your way I'm sure you'll figure it out!

  12. Because both parties have power, one party does something stupid then you need the other party to sort it out.

  13. It really does seem crazy to send money to a “Billionaire”. I’d be curious about the demographics on the people sending him the cash. Is it wealthy people thinking he can protect their interests, or maybe middle class / poor people that are eating up his culture war?

  14. I wonder how many of the people sending money are people who would also send money to a billionaire televangelist, or similar. Those health and wealth preachers have no shortage of people willing to open their checkbooks for them.

  15. Likely scheduled a long time ago, though. Conferences of this size book their venues well in advance.

  16. I usually update my resume just in case it turns out to be a trend, especially if they're not being fired for a good reason.

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