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  1. Well, if you were dissociating it would make sense that you don't feel the same intense feelings of love. It happened to me too first time I dropped. When you leave your body and reality and feel disconnected, it kind of makes sense that you don't feel connected with anyone else. It will wear off in a couple of days, just try and spend some quality time with your girlfriend, so you can ground yourself a bit and come back to reality

  2. this is not surprising. in the last 24 hours you've barely slept and you've had an intense psychedelic experience. you are likely physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.

  3. this would make sense since the night before my trip i didnt sleep the whole night either, thanks for the advice man

  4. It is stronger, hits a lot faster and lasts a lot less time. However snorting pills is never really a good idea because they contain unknown fillers and binders, snorting 2C-B is painful enough without the added other stuff.

  5. how much stronger does it hit and how long is "alot less time" im trying to figure how much to do as only really want go buy one "30mg nasa pill"

  6. It's roughly 2x stronger than when taken orally, it's last roughly 2-4 hours rather than 4-6 hours.

  7. Speed, not so much meth, as in the US. A lot of the cathinones and research chems aren't as easily found as some pretend they are

  8. is speed pretty much the only one found in them? whats the diffrence between speed and mdma

  9. It's the most common one. They're the same drug family. The dry mouth, lungs feeling clear and easy to breathe with, heart rate, energy, euphoria and what not is that they're both amphetamines, MDMA is more dangerous though since it comes with a atomic bomb amount of serotonin ( which gives you the bliss and unexplainable magic ) not just dopamine and norepinephrine.

  10. ever tried 2cb? heard its similar to mdma but has no cooldown

  11. yes of course 320mg you stood next to the pill press while it was being producedšŸ™„. stop bragging about your pills. never mdma but bragging about a 320mg pill why? normally would I say take half because they have 320mg but you have to quarter them šŸ¤£Joking aside, take a half and take care of you

  12. not bragging boss was just saying thats what they were "advertised as" indicating that there prolly not. sorry if you got the wrong idea

  13. its actually quite common to have over 200mg in the north of england, especially with the blue punisher pills reaching up to 400mg

  14. Can't help you too much, all I know is that I just bought the V2 without realising it was a different model and now think I'm limited to using the base software and not the nicer GK61x software a github user made :/

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