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  1. It grew so fast so it’s really tight atm

  2. gonna go on a limb here and say she is just pulling his leg and will ghost or turn around very quickly once he actually plans something.

  3. Update, acquired the snap and she’s coming over Saturday night, enjoy loneliness 🫶🏼

  4. Not the response that I would've gone for, but good for you it worked out. I just think you're at the same position now.

  5. Ikr this position sucks! I hate having sex on Saturday nights

  6. Omg I love how it has that flair in the middle, that would feel so amazing inside me! I hate cocks that are perfectly cylindrical.

  7. You are an inspiration, man! How many calories were you eating each day?

  8. Calorie deficit is different for everyone tho based on an individuals weight and height

  9. Oh yeah, I know. I’m using MyFitnessPal to track what I eat and to help me figure out how many calories to eat. I don’t track absolutely everything because I am OK with gradual progress. It has me at 2130 currently, and I can add to that whatever is offset from exercise. I actually try to hit lower than that.

  10. I’d recommend not eating the calories that u burn if u can and you’ll see way better results 🫶🏼

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