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  1. Only ever played the classic Monopoly, Ludo, chess, snake n leader. But I’m open to learn new and unique board games. Am I eligible to join? Hehe

  2. You are in to make money / build career, not to make friends. It’s lonely at the top tho.

  3. Agreed. But maybe I too softhearted but wouldn't you want to make friends along the way?

  4. Well gimana kalo End of The World gk akan terjadi?

  5. The best sit is behind the bus captain and “BOO” him when he think that he is all alone.

  6. nuclear winter. at least i can build radioactive snowman before i die.

  7. Did you know, if there is a nuclear blast in Ukraine right now, the sky will covered with black smoke which eventually covering most of the world. In Singapore, our sky prolly will turn Red, sunlight is hardly able to penetrate the thick smoke thus reducing our temperature to 0 degree or less. We will encounter some black snows afterwards and there you can play with your snow. It’s radioactive and prolly will kill you otherwise the harsh cold will do. I read this from some article.

  8. lol, that’s not true. nuclear bombs have been tested at various sites across the world and no such phenomena happened.

  9. Hmm… What was tested is just a small fractions of what will be used if they were to launch nuke. The test sites became inhabited for next hundred of years due to the radioactive and killed the animal in that area. This is not atomic bomb.

  10. Long time ago, I joined a company together with one colleague. We are in the same department and she is a junior level then me. She was so lost and keep asking for help for first few months. I teaches her everything, do and don’t, even tricks to cut corners. I like her, she is a fast learner and I even gave a good comments abt her with my superior. Because in the past I used to have a reliable mentor too and in hope she will help me back in future.

  11. Why does the score go from 48 to 50? I’m not a big basketball fan, but surely that was a 3 point shot, wasn’t it?

  12. What if the US civilians decided to armed and march to kill all of the politicians?

  13. Why am I only find China/hongkong fake accounts ( those with stolen influencers pictures) or Malaysian scammer (those with probably fake pictures) to direct you to some online businesses? These people are wasting my time and they are everywhere.

  14. There's a shop that sells fragrance named after shopping malls and hotel like vivo city, ion, mbs etc that's suppose to replicate the smell of the mall/hotel

  15. The European knows martial arts; as he clearly knows how to control the situation. That Asian Chinese looks like he is a Donnie wannabe.

  16. Don't know what causes the fight but my guess; it must be the smaller guy who provoke the big guy. Smaller guy thinks he can take the big guy and it is at this moment; the small guy know he fucked

  17. Heard from another thread. Sinkie sucker punch the angmoh head till he broke his glasses and asked to settle outside. Outside it is. Till now, no confirmed news.

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