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  1. Yalls should play minecraft together and watch as your relationship gets put through the test as you go through the hardest part of minecraft; build a decent house

  2. Not kidding, that end of a theory video were matpat is like "but hey, thats just a theory, a whatever channel its on theory". That and whatever shenanigans matpat is boutta do next week to find fnaf lore in something

  3. Obviously I’m against hormones at age 8. Jazz Jennings is a girl and many trans adults and teens knew it as a kid. And honestly getting them help before puberty is lowering the chance of suicide ect. And makes them only go through one puberty they look more cis this way.

  4. We agree on one thing at least. Also, if someone has gender dysphoria, they should see a therapist so that they dont commit suicide. Its easy to get help, its hard to ask for it. Source: many people across the world

  5. Yes it’s also required for someone with gender dysphoria to go to a therapist if they want treatment like puberty blockers and hormones

  6. Thats cool then, but then why do so many kids get hormones. Also, i wanna stop the debate cuz I got work to do

  7. A thing called a rat king can form. It happens when a bunch of rats living near eachother get their tails knotted. The knotd get so complicated that they die due to a ñack of being able to move to food and water

  8. Depends, is she nice? Does she have a great sense of humor? Is she better than any girl in terms of personality? If its a yes to all of these, then i would date her

  9. Get rid of any implements you may use, hide them away where you can't get easily And try fo find alternative coping mechanisms.

  10. It can be anything thay brings you enjoyment, or something that just drowns out your feelings for a bit, so you d9nt relapse. I wish you luck.

  11. I have always relapsed within a week. I will post on this subreddit in six months to see where i am

  12. Im transphobic, a fear of public transportation, and that is what you stand for

  13. Nah man pray they walk over d4s bare foot have you seen a d4 before it’s like a caltrop

  14. Thats like saying "me who is mexican but isn't from mexico"

  15. You could've tried to use actual image, and nit take a picture of your screen. Smhv

  16. The sheer thought behind their lyrics and the fact that they can make a metaphor for suicidal people in the form of neon gravestones and then made a song where the best part is BEEF AND CHEESE.

  17. Mate, im trying to sleep with out thinking of the guns for hands.

  18. Effect of candy: gives back 1 chromosome for every level up

  19. Autistic people aren't missing chromosomes

  20. I got serious back pain right before i was gonna jump off. Went to the doctor and she commented on the cuts on my arm. She admitted me to therapy. God, i hate back pain more than life

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