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  1. LOL, I first came across this guy maybe like two years ago and I said the same thing. At the risk of being a cunt by jumping in to try and explain things on his behalf, he's been doing it since the 90s across all digital forums for no real reason. I fucking hated it at first but now I find it pretty funny whenever I see him again. We're in a sub with millions of members, and it's not like I remember anything long term that's identifiable concerning most of the people i engage with on reddit, so I gotta hand it to him for sticking out even if his gimmick is weird and cringe. I forget most of the funny and likely one off flairs even. Ok, I've just realised I may have CTE.

  2. Like Romodetector or whatever his name is on the old underground who would post BEEP in any thread that contained anything that could be construed as homoerotic

  3. I'm curious... In terms of coding it, how would you describe the boy's attitude?

  4. Just take the uchigatana he dropped and count your losses I'm afraid.

  5. I came out and checked this morning, and she is nowhere to be seen.

  6. There's a few different varieties of huntsman. He's definitely one of them

  7. Yeah apparently a grey huntsman

  8. I started with an ender 5 pro, converted it to dual z and swapped the main board for a skr mini e3 V2, then be, and swapped the firmware for klipper... It's been a great experience, using it, tweaking it, breaking and repairing it... I learned a lot and enjoyed the journey

  9. I like the caro kann. What makes you prefer the Dutch over the Slav please?

  10. Slav is fine. I just felt like it was too close to the Caro and French, and wanted something that would enable me to expand my game more than just building on the framework the Caro gives me.

  11. No worries good luck, I hope you enjoy it :)

  12. First attempt? That's impressive. What was your process for doing the clothing and shoes?

  13. Most or at least many plant based milks have 'barista' versions, here in Australia anyway. They tend to be more suitable for coffee.

  14. How do you go on lichess compared to seems to be a fair bit harder in terms of opposition strength at a given elo....

  15. The rate at which you win and lose, respectively.

  16. By the looks of it you already had your turn and moved the bishop?

  17. Have you tried rotating the model, and seeing if you get the same issue on the same spot?

  18. I think lichess insights might have some of those features.

  19. (Just add your user name at the end of the url)

  20. There are no legal moves available to black, black can't move and is not currently in check, hence it's a stalemate.

  21. I have one of these, though an older model. The brand is "Delux"

  22. I like the analysis board for the purpose of conditional pre moves, particularly when you are waiting a long time between moves from your opponent.

  23. When you fish for the underhook in half, don't wrap your arm across their back or the the hip, aim higher -like over their far trap/shoulder. Nullifying their overhook is a barrier to them entering the darce

  24. This has been the #1 item I have been focusing on and it is really helping. Thanks!

  25. I'm glad it's helping!

  26. You could also mask off the area around a hole, invert mask, then apply the pinch brush, or use deformation -size with only the two relevant axes active, then re-dynamesh.

  27. I don't have much experience with PETG but it is known for being stringy...I think the typical fixes are:

  28. Hi, Vaatividya 🖐️

  29. Mask one, hit ctrl+W to make it a different polygroup, then clear mask and hold ctrl+shift and click on it to hide, then select split hidden from the subtool palette

  30. How do I know what style I play ?

  31. I mean like do you prefer a closed board where there's a lot of tension, or do you like a more open board, are you ok with sacrifices and gambits, or do you prefer more positional play?

  32. Ill look into them. How many variations/ lines should I learn and how many openings do you play consistently?

  33. Honestly, i wouldn't bother going too deep. At this stage, your goal should be to familiarise yourself with the general flow of the main openings eg d4 and e4, and pick like one or two and stick with them for a while.

  34. What material are you printing?

  35. We are using filament, right now I don’t remember the specific one, but if I remember, I’ll tell you!

  36. Most likely you would be using PLA filament at a guess, as ABS is a bit harder to work with.

  37. Is it possible that it's masked?

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