1. The rest of the card however 😬

  2. Yes, it's a shame we get Mike Bailey vs Hiroshi Tanahashi and KENTA vs Minoru Suzuki

  3. Is he saying it does or doesn't seem serious

  4. lol, you really think other NATO countries aren't filled with Russian spies?

  5. The darkness & cold is a big factor. The extreme loneliness that their culture sometimes creates is another.

  6. I'm guessing the poli part is derived from Polis, the Ancient Greek world for city/settlement?

  7. Tri probably too, is the word for three I would guess in most indo European languages. Probably something like three cities, a Greek could confirm this. And polis is used in modern Greek too, same word.

  8. There were actually quite a few places called Tripolis (made out of three cities )in ancient Greece. Similar to Neapolis.

  9. Now time for them to threaten each other with rockets.

  10. This is far more important than the tourist season. Greece will get a seat in the UNSC.

  11. The government got fucking SLAMMED.

  12. They will still win next election, because there simply isn't something better.

  13. These people ordering the attack are really short sighted. Half the appeal of spending one's holiday in Greece are the ancient sights. No archaeologists, no sights, less tourists, less money for greedy real estate developers.

  14. Santorini probably gets some tourism due to Akrotiri, but you're right that Mykonos doesn't have much archaeological tourism and the tourists there are more focused on the beaches and parties.

  15. Seems like if there was a choice by someone to strongarm the archaeologists it failed spectacularly.

  16. It didn't fail. Those people can do whatever they want in Myonos and nothing is gonna change.

  17. Didn't end well for Socrates ca 100 years earlier.

  18. The nation state of Greece is a new thing. Yes, it's NOW the same thing but it was always hellenic. Want another example? Australia was influenced by the UK but it doesn't make it British. Australian influence in the Pacific region isn't British influence. Hellenism spread far further than Greek. Anglo influence spread around the world - not everything is British. Hispanic and Frankish too, not everywhere is Spain or France. You can call it Greek and nobody will bat an eyelid, myself included, but in this specific example, where they're talking about how

  19. Ho hum, I tried. You obviously don't understand how "influence" works, or history, or colonialism or perhaps just don't understand how Nationalism developed, or maybe it's just you don't under nuance. I can't be bothered to explain it anymore.

  20. That's because you are dead wrong and don't even understand that "Greek" and "Hellenic" is literally the same thing.

  21. Greece is about to buy up to 2 squadrons of F-35.

  22. I also feel like the UK has publicly declined to return the Elgin marbles at least once a year for as long as I’ve been following mainstream art news, haha.

  23. When was it built? It is interesting that it basically a fortified tower house

  24. Mitsotakis will still win the election easily. There is simply no competition.

  25. Impact likely from their TV deal &international tv

  26. Orrrrrrrrrrrrr hear me out, maybe he enjoys working at Impact with a locker room that's toxic free, where he can work with his wife, and from all accounts have a back stage locker room where it feels like a family, all the while getting paid a great amount, for a small number of dates.

  27. Just a question for anyone well versed with Greece? Few years back there were news beaming across the world about Greece's economic collapse. But today still the Greece's gdp per capita is 20k dollars, way above than most Asian countries? Is it true?

  28. American freight rail is the most efficient railroad system in the world as far as freight moved per mile.

  29. He only resigned because we have elections in a month or so. This government doesn't have a good track record in such things, there was a pedophilia scandal in the national theater a year ago and nobody resigned, there even were attempts to cover it up as the perpetrator was affiliated with the party

  30. TrainOSE was set to be privatised in 2011 by Papadimos' gonverment and the procedure started with the Samaras-Venizelos gonverment and got finished by Tsipras.

  31. The Greek government does not control the railways, they were privatized years ago.

  32. TrainOSE (now Hellenic Train) was privatized, which operates the trains.

  33. The article doesn’t say what he did that caused the accident, just he was arrested on manslaughter charges snd a pledge to find out what happened. The stationmaster claims technical issue.


  35. Italy's state owned "Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane" owns Hellenic Train.

  36. They are all quite different from each other. For me, as a Colombian, that is where we get our openness and will to live from.

  37. What a waste. A completely unnecessary road blocks off the beach so no one has access to it. No swimming, fishing, basking in the sun. Just a neighborhood for rich people who want to physically separate themselves from the poor masses.

  38. Do you mean that road I clearly see isn't really there?

  39. I mean the fact that this is not a "rich neighborhood", but a very traditional Greek town with "ordinary" people living there.

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