1. I opened the present and nothing popped up, do they have empty boxes in there or do you think it didn’t load?


  3. that was actually my first ever poi I landed at, I hope it comes back

  4. the music from chapter 1 was 🔥, but the chapter 2 ending event was better

  5. Even thought the event was alright, this season is amazing so far!

  6. Next Chapter/Season is all Rick and Morty. Going to have a horde rush where they replaced the cube monsters with meeseeks.

  7. It's a Rick & Morty thing. In the debut episode for Mr. Meeseeks (titled "Meeseeks and Destroy"), we learn that existing is unbearable for them, but they can't die until they complete the task they were created for.

  8. me who won’t miss any of them and hated all of them:😳

  9. I on the other hand hope it never comes back. That was possibly the most broken non-weapon of the chapter

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