[Tom Brady retirement tweet] Truly grateful on this day. Thank you 🙏🏻❤️

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  1. Wait until the Kyrie stans switch flairs and start defending every insane thing Kyrie does on this sub. I've legitimately seen guys that use to rock Cavs flairs, then Celtics flairs, and then Nets flairs making every team sub they join unbearable. Good luck Mavs bro.

  2. Yeah, sorry everyone. Celtics fan here and Kyrie joining the team was the worst thing that happened to us.

  3. Agreed. Please just call it a special event or livestream event like a regular human.

  4. Same reason my parents used to ask for McDonald’s fries with no salt and then just added salt themselves. They gotta make an extra batch.

  5. Great post. I absolutely love Sami but I agree, I don’t think he needs a Mania World Title Main Event win for ths story to be worth the time. History is going to look back upon him fondly.

  6. Not really, most people that like Sami also want Jey Uso to get an ending that doesn’t regress his character back to falling in line in with Roman, which is basically what’s gonna happen if it ends up being a tag match instead of what would probably be more interesting and still also make sense

  7. There’s more than one way to go with that story. Jey doesn’t have to regress to have that tag match. Maybe he tries to give it one more shot, or is forced to by Roman somehow, but can’t get out of his head during the match, or throws it intentionally, or them losing is the last straw and he’s kicked out of the Bloodline.

  8. Sitting out of contract, taking care of kid and getting stronger

  9. Yeah it’s really cool but despite doing it dozens of times in BFA I still have no clue where I’m going and just hope the tank does.

  10. I'm convinced that the lead Korthia designer actually hates us.

  11. Really poorly designed from a getting around perspective, and also, not remotely what I had in mind when they started pitching a “city of secrets”. That zone was a huge letdown.

  12. At least 2K hasn’t included the goofy AR additions to entrances.

  13. Incredibly dumb imo. No matter how you feel about them on TV they should be included in the game to feel more authentic. Shouldn’t be very difficult in theory either. The developers of this franchise are lazy as hell.

  14. It’s supposed to emulate the TV presentation. You don’t see the WWE logo in the corner or hear the commentators in person either, yet there they are.

  15. I can’t speak to what it was like to watch it at the time, but 25 years later Cranky Shawn Michaels is the gift that keeps on giving

  16. You know he’s getting a one day contract to retire as a patriot.

  17. I don’t know. I’d love it but it really doesn’t feel like Tom has the same reverence for the Pats anymore. He’s just not that into us.

  18. Remind me what movie is being released in theaters this weekend?

  19. And you believe Tom Brady is producing that movie as a love letter to New England, and not to make a shit ton of money? He didn’t come up with the idea for the movie.

  20. Instagram models? Where do rich 45 year old divorced men meet girls?

  21. Have you ever seen an european face with really dark skin? It would just look like blackfacing.

  22. Have you ever seen a blue space goat or a drunken talking panda bear? It’s a fantasy game.

  23. Yeah. Of course it’s choreographed, and landing flat on that mat on your back doesn’t hurt like the ground would, but those guys flipping through the air, those dudes holding 300 pound men over their head, it ain’t cgi. Fake? I guess. But they are true athletes no doubt about that.

  24. A coworker kept trying to invite me to a local wrestling show for a few weeks and one day I finally caved. I regret not going sooner because not only were the story plots hilarious, but the wrestlers genuinely put on a great performance. Now I’m the one recommending the shows to many people’s laughs. Oh well, they are missing out haha.

  25. I hate how annoying deep breath is.

  26. Pretty sarcastic. Personally not really, definitely not in comparison to something like the Bloodline story. But good on you if you do. I just can’t get into wrestling without a good story as well anymore.

  27. I know people who genuinely would greatly prefer the Garcia/Dark stuff, but I’m with you, I vastly prefer great stories and angles with fine matches to great matches with no story.

  28. I'm the opposite. Give me every great match imaginable and I'm totally fine if the story is an afterthought. I love the NJPW style of telling stories through interviews and sports-style predictions conferences and stuff.

  29. Understandable and absolutely nothing wrong with that. That’s a big part of what I love about wrestling, there are so many different aspects to it, and while everyone weighs the importance of each part differently, it’s the combination of all of them that makes the medium so unique.

  30. Yeah. The only ones which still stand out are the theme songs of Reigns and Mysterio. (Ok and John Cena and Brock)

  31. If you want a horde counterpart so you have 1 neutral race (dracthyr) you could argue for a goblin too.

  32. Honestly after “bribing the elements” became canon for Goblin shamans anything else can be explained.

  33. That's fucked up though. Standing up for others in need is a big part of being a good person. I understand you fear for your own life but that's a fucked up society you live in to create such a situation. Sounds like hell.

  34. That’s what America is becoming. Fend for yourself, fuck everybody else. It’s deeply cynical, unfulfilling, and terrifying.

  35. For real. I think everyone knew Sami was going to get his beat down tonight, but I didn't expect that angle with Jey.

  36. Jey has quietly been the backbone of this story the entire time. It’s incredibly good writing and he’s been playing it out perfectly.

  37. That's what I love. The best guys like Bret Hart and Stone Cold never did anything flashy, but they told stories in their matches. Roman is doing the same thing.

  38. The Lakers are my enemy. My nemesis. My most hated franchise. If the Lakers have a million haters, I am one of them. If they have one hater, it is me. If they have no haters, then I am no longer on this Earth.

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