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  1. What are your thoughts on Lightbringer?

  2. Does lightbringer do more damage than inquisitor?

  3. canyon hills heroes slayer all rooms or whitelands expert straight or just buy the package in cash

  4. What about white lands straight on hero+ difficulty?

  5. not really efficient the thing about wl expert is you can literally bring any xharater with any gear and finish it in 15seconds so it is time efficient not gold efficient and if you increase th difficulty you lose both

  6. Why those pants and ring? What's the recommended alternatives if I don't like them?

  7. mainly move speed and damage if you dont like em energy search ring or tyrant king ring and for pants robotica or those single element pants

  8. ive been using it on my dragoon when the update hit and the way it works is that to enter sleep u either need to spend 30k mp or use a consumable (others methods arent reliable) which is why its necessary that it provides a large amount of cd recovery because you'll be hard pressed to spend 30k mp in 60s without using any mana burn epics that increase mp consumption as the insomnia buff last for 60s so u have until the duration runs out to reapply it

  9. note that most cdr comes after you proc sleep so you need to proc sleep at least once with a consumable than you dont have to use anymore but the belt option gives more damage if you have a consumable effect on you so drink a 30min potion or smthn

  10. the balance patch dropped so if you are a damage build archon and if you are a buffer building sleep is easy and why are you saying throwing away your oldones you can literally 1. move only the levels and enchants or 2. feed the old one to the new ones with complete level option

  11. 80 but dont worry bout levels even i havent reached max gear level yet

  12. or anotger way to do it which is much simpler is build nature guardian solo upto 3.6 or 4.0 switch to sleep set after the item balance patch since it works so well buffers

  13. I just want to correct since I saw you commenting this on other posts too about "after the item balance patch." We got the balance patch literally a few days ago in our version. So you can keep that in mind from now on when helping people with your knowledge from KDNF!

  14. it's about time!! i was very worried since people were taking builds from dfcat and dundam when most of the builds there were not viable at all to dfog players

  15. im a kr server inquistor 45000+ player. to put it short i reccomend mistress heres why

  16. Just a little note that the archon buff IS live on dfog now

  17. eh i would just do it to brimstone elemental

  18. bleed has the highest damage potential and archon if you dont want to thibk about it

  19. So their dash attack is a generic bow whack.

  20. there should be a client download but you cant download all due to the patcher, if i know correctly

  21. there is a setting based on manual inputs called command setting and it is the strongest set out there if you can use it properly dont use the goblet but using the righteous belt command shoes and body cam necklace you get 25 coodown + (15 percent if the skill isnt on your hot bar) and 8 + (12 if the skill is on the lower half) + 15 (if youre skill is on the hotbar) it is very hard to use it yes but if you do it is the item setting with the highest damage output even after the kr balance patch which didnt buff the command setting my command blade 31000 is way stronger than my archon swift master 34000 with full 240 equip levels so if you are the kind of guy who is all for damage go for it

  22. What site is this? I could use some good guides for equipment sets that say WHY a particular combo works.

  23. dont trust a lot of em cause kdnf balance patch npt only buffed but also completely changed how a few epics work

  24. dont trust a lot of em cause kdnf balance patch npt only buffed but also completely changed how a few epics worm

  25. since you are new to this game i will explain the basics of this games dungeons(without progression cause that will take to long) like lost ark the main contents of this game starts when you reach max level dfo currently 110 then you progress through 4 types of dungeons with increasing difficulty

  26. if you want to use the ng pants just go full ng it is probably better also the answer yes yes

  27. The amount of quantum physics I have to calculate when looking at someone else's speeder build is amazing...and the fact that we can't see exact resistance either...makes me really frustrated sometimes.

  28. dfo gives you the api I guess someones gotta make it into a website like dundam or dfcat

  29. new story trailer along with updated story suggest that delezie is going to be the next raid but who knows?

  30. The combination of "Blue Nature Seed" and "Eternal Sleep Preparation" looks interesting, but getting rid of "Atomic Core Necklace" would drop me below the 300 Fire Damage needed for "Energy Search Ring". The reason why swapping "Earthen Nature" for "Armored Powered Top" works is because I would be gaining the lost Fire Damage right back from "A Step toward Hope". The only way to make freeze burn work is to also ditch "Energy Search Ring" and that feels like a bit of a shame since it's such a strong item.

  31. the unchanging floating belt will stay as long as you have any doping item on so drink those 30min strength pot or warcry colling support belt is nice but you gotta meet the 60 total resistance so i guess that is up to you

  32. It's a tough decision for sure because going freeze burn forces you to drop two strong items (A Step toward Hope and Energy Search Ring) in order to maximize your burn damage. Sadly there's no cheap way to test out both combinations to see which one is truly better.

  33. i personally recommend freeze burn cause its fun and i mean there is a way tltest damage in dundam but then the kr item patch dropped so it is less accurate than it used to be

  34. Ascended myre isnt in rotation yet but they announced myre will use 5 elements Fire and Nature in phase 1 Water and Earth in phase 2 and the final in ascension i guess, and is the title in english for people?

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