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  1. Looks awesome! How do you release the nitro? Pin through the top?

  2. Looks amazing! Can we get a video of your kegerator in action?

  3. Why should we have to cancel all our music, just because we don’t like one artist?

  4. It’s not even bad. It’s just mediocre. Y’all get way too pressed about a hip hop beat with autotune vocals on it. One whiff of it and the whole “real music” crew shows up.

  5. I’ve seen you post this comment like 3 times now and I will upvote every time 👍.

  6. His two grunts upon entering the house pack so much comedic value it’s unreal. Completely unintentional. Completely impromptu. But it’s funnier than actual written TV/comedians. Brilliant.

  7. Now anytime you idiots lose, you’re gonna think it’s a bot…

  8. I just picked one up (1.5L) and it seems to be working well, but I feel it can easily just be done in a pot….so I would say no need.

  9. Mans really had a kid when he was 18 and basically disowned her

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