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You're being interrogated and so far you've held strong. What song do they play on repeat that breaks you?

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  1. I did a short course (Shillington College). It's 3 months full time, and you learn by working as though you're in a studio. You get taught the principles you need to understand whyn and how design works, but also the technical skills on Adobe. Every single person I did the class with got a job afterwards and produced an amazing folio after the 12 weeks!

  2. Ahhh thank you! Chameleons are just so goddamn cute.

  3. that really depends on what your opening song choice is!

  4. Levels by avicii is always a good starter tbh, whatever you want tho

  5. I absolutely love this! Do you have any kind of portfolio or is this a side project?

  6. Are you trying to make the argument that there is more awareness around testicular cancer than breast cancer?

  7. No - just that the words for boobs/breasts/etc don't seem to be recognised by Siri, whilst the words balls, nuts, nutsack, gonads etc give results. Which seems bizarre given she is predominantly perceives as female.

  8. Bixby doesn't do either, but Google assistant does both.

  9. Alexa doesn't do either too. Google is great - reads a guide out!

  10. What do you want to use this for, out of interest?

  11. It was for an activation for a brand - sadly never went abead!

  12. I manged to get this to work on my MBP, but it's a bit shifty:

  13. This is amazing. Thank you!

  14. Not in this case, but that would normally mean exactly what you're thinking.

  15. No, looking at it with that in mind I can see what you mean. The sharp edges on the left are lost in particular - especially looking on my phone. I edited it on a massive Mac screen and so the detail was a lot clearer.

  16. I feel you. My monitor is a little bright and my autocalibrator occasionally crashes other programs, so my photos can come out darker than intended if I don't keep it in mind when it's not running.

  17. Thanks for all your help ☺️

  18. Thanks! Yes, there is a little more attention than usual thanks to you. :)

  19. Your stuff is epic! It’s even crazier with the soundtrack. Love it!

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