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  1. I'll never understand prevailing wage laws. Whatever the government contracte pays is the prevailing wage because workers are willing to work for that much. If they want more they can work somewhere else.

  2. If this is anything like Youtube polls people are just gonna spam gura/ina in every option

  3. I intentionally turned to give every girl at least one trait.

  4. If you enjoy biking, I'd highly recommend biking out of the city and into the countryside a bit. I went to a small town called Broek in Waterland, it's a really cute town and there's a pannenkoek place called De Witte Swaen that's nice. The ride is through some beautiful grassy countryside and you get to see a lot of canals and houseboats

  5. Intelligence is not an antidote to Copium. It makes coping easier if anything.

  6. Is there an agreed-upon definition for what a "live view" is? I feel like that's probably where they're fucking around a bit. Steven Crowder for example will often get three or four times his youtube viewership on rumble which just doesn't make sense considering the traffic stats.

  7. I believe for one thing YouTube does not count you if you're on another tab. I suspect Rumble does

  8. Are there sponsors that you dislike enough that you will unsubscribe YouTuber for. Personally you have to bring a lot to that table for new to stick sound after RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  9. My response on this post was: “Redditors are truly the most economically challenged people on earth. I work for a large real estate developer. I have worked in construction management and real estate sales as well.

  10. Redditors are not unique to this. My dad is not a redditor and not even especially left-wing and he supports this stuff as well

  11. One of the worst parts of America is the notion that you have to pick between urban concrete, near-wilderness areas, or sterile suburbia. American city planners would do well to spend some time in a tree-filled Canadian city to internalize the notion that there are other options.

  12. Can the first amendment stop you from blocking people? Cuz it shouldn't

  13. "You thought you could Nuke the Eternal Empire of Japan without repercussions eh? Think again America.

  14. 🦀🦀🦀🦀high speed line to King of Prussia is dead 🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀🦀

  15. This sub atm- wtf, I love autocracy now.

  16. Autocracy is when elected official makes policy

  17. Holy shit they changed the retirement age to only 64!? And this isn’t the first time they raised it? Lol. The French are NOT grindmaxing.

  18. India about legalise same sex marriage before Japan.

  19. It is, there are no hard and fast principles to which regulators are abiding by when they implement certain things.

  20. Just because there aren't objective criteria that 100% tell you what to regulate does not mean it's arbitrary.

  21. Why can't you try the vote and use degree if it fails in parlemaint?

  22. ChatGPT is actually shockingly good at giving book recommendations. Going forward if I ever want to learn about something I'll ask GPT for books about the subject.

  23. De Heer Peterszoon eerd ons door een aflevereting van zijn programma aan ons te wijden

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