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  1. Acting like you have no idea what they're talking about and you've never heard a sexist joke in your life. "Huh? Wait I'm confused can you explain?" "It was just a joke." "Oh. OK but I don't get it. You'll have to break it down for me. It's going over my head"

  2. Risk is pretty fun. Not the shitty version with wooden blocks, but the better one with plastic soldiers.

  3. A bit harder than in person, since we can’t actually hear the tone of your voice.

  4. Me and my cousins were sent to boot camp when we were about 11-13. I can tell you now, it’s a mistake to tell them you’re from Brooklyn.

  5. Either you’re a straight up moron or a troll (in which case you’re still kind of a moron).

  6. On Reddit, if you bring something up I posted previously in an attempt to publicly shame me (unless it is somehow related to the argument,) I have won.

  7. Mods ruined it. They tried to force everyone to go to their website which was shitty

  8. That’s actually kinda funny, the mods became what they swore to destroy

  9. I haven’t seen sonic 2 yet. I generally think movies that put cartoony characters in live action are dumb, but I still gave the first Sonic a chance and was actually really surprised at how much I liked it (I’m not even a sonic fan either).

  10. I think my personal favorite is Sly Cooper 3. The levels are fun, the music is 👌, and the characters are lovable.

  11. Nah. Kids are stupid, they could fuck up the pc. It’s harder for them to fuck up a console, I’d get that for them instead, then let them play on my pc when they get older.

  12. Lincoln is the most obvious answer, but I think Grant was also good. Not that he was a good president, but he was a good president.

  13. I don’t. I’m lucky to have been born here for sure, but if I could have chosen where to be born, it certainly wouldn’t have been here.

  14. I eat cranberry sauce in it's final form so it makes me more powerful

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