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  1. I don’t support Russian war crimes or American war crimes.

  2. Amazon is so shit at targeted advertisement. At least google knows what I like, while amazon gives me ads about fucking period pads.

  3. Amazon keeps giving me HIV ads because they think I am gay. Hilarious but I am gay tho LULE

  4. 有什么值得从这app上面买的垃圾吗

  5. 我买了个鲨鱼塑料拖鞋 结果左右脚的鞋面还不一样高的 买了收纳衣服用的盒子结果打开一股强烈的塑胶味 发卡用了几次就失去弹性 单买衣服的话shein更好点 买了点便宜的内衣裤袜还有那种不在乎弄脏的外套 便宜是便宜

  6. 本来就是同一个货源 图片都一样就加个名字 shein也是 只是amazon的发货地都在美国 用物流速度换价格

  7. The current lolesport business model is not sustainable at all. The ticket sale probably can't even cover the cost of the venue.

  8. I got banned by asmongold(liberal twitch streamer) subreddit mods because that mod is a tankie from Serbia. Hilarious

  9. Potato and onions having no time for surface vegetables bullshit

  10. with all the progressive point you farmed here, the twitter lgbtq can finally let it go

  11. 顺便说一句 图里这个香蕉和佩洛西是同一个人 之前试图发律师函给一个反贼 被发现是杜撰的 甚至错字百出 然后被怼的躲在美国装死

  12. 想多了 这博主嫁给一个德国康米 现在在慕尼黑好吃好喝

  13. She writes for MintPress News and a watcher of UsefulIdiot Podcast, her twitter banner is “visting the USSR”

  14. I don't mind to hit when I actually need to. I absolutely don't need to spam prem ammo tho

  15. The game is currently getting review bombed on Chinese gaming website by Mihoyo fans, really tells you the game irk their nerves

  16. I think it is an anti Vaush subreddit, the tankie one

  17. Black this black that, dude can’t stay alive without saying black as if he is the black Jesus, and of course hasan love this guy

  18. Almost you have no idea how cheat works lmao, based on your other posts you are 100% a Timmy pretending to be good, come on show your pmc kda don’t be shy

  19. he missed because aimbot has option to intentionally miss some bullet to lower the hit rate, you are a Bay Area dev, come on, use your fucking brain

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