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  1. A cunning villain, yes. I saw Shane as a hero and Pope was a hotheaded disappointment. The rest did good.

  2. How about going back in time to hunt a T-Rex that will be fun

  3. It's crazy what professional athletes go through. And then you have online trolls trying to diminish their careers, play styles, personal motivation etc.

  4. Cause online trolls never set foot on the pitch. Never played a competitive match. These pseudo football experts don't know shit.

  5. Ikr like why she bitching?? it's not even that hard tf. If the entire whisper group can do it so can you.

  6. 🙄🙄🙄 it was a randevu. A location pre determined to be the place they could meet back up at after getting separated. He knew they'd be there because they agreed to meet up there.

  7. You gotta take the "Amber Heard's poop on demand" course on coursera.

  8. Was this in sewers? Negan kept stopping to talk about how they shouldn't proceed forward, time was being wasted convincing him to go on.

  9. Yes, the sewers. Would you call it wasting time if it was for the right reasons?

  10. They needed food, because the children at Alexandria were starving, Negan kept telling them that they shouldn't keep going. While his points were right i'm sure any parent in that world would do anything to make sure their kids don't starve - We have seen this with Maggie's story in the traincart. So him stopping all the time just made him look a bit like a selfish asshole lmao

  11. Should've taken shelter for a few hours, waited for the storm to pass over. Or at least wait for the sun to come up.

  12. They're ugly. I hate frogs from the core of my heart. They scream, they're dirty and some are venomous.

  13. I think it’s probably one of the most messed up things in the show, I think I the real horror of it all is we’re only told what happened our minds and imagination do the rest. Very much one of the stand out moments for me this season.

  14. The reason I love this sort of storytelling is because it allows you to visualize the horror. Good critics and people that analyze the show appreciate it.

  15. Klopp did outstanding work but I would love to see Potter or Viera win.

  16. If a lower side manager should win, it would have to be Thomas Frank for me.

  17. Oh yes him too! Brentford didn't finish well so I excluded him from my list. I love how direct they are and crazy they were the best team at effective pressing in the top 5 leagues until February.

  18. I am not that intrigued to think that they will build in a super quality camera and display. My guess it that it will just be another mid range Smartphone like the other hundreds of models that already exist by companys like CXaomi, Oppo and so on but with just more hype around it.

  19. As long as there's good software support, people will buy. That's what matters most. Oxygen OS made OnePlus awesome.

  20. Believe me, real women find us sexy. Cooking is a wonderful skill and sometimes saves a relationship.

  21. Well no shit, target someone who is already depressed, then bombard them with images and messages for things they don't/can't have, of course more of them will decide to go through with it.

  22. I dont quite remember in the movie, but in "The Dark Knight Returns" comic, superman is weakened from re-directing an A-bomb, leading into this fight.

  23. It was Jurassic Park that made people think they look like that lol. Not scientist.

  24. They do look like the first picture. Slight changes but almost similar.

  25. I feel really sorry for her more than anything. She probably worked really hard for that opportunity only to lose it for a stupid mistake. She probably didn't find anything else if NASA fired her.

  26. She got the job back soon after. This happened in 2018.

  27. I never ended up visiting a dentist about it. I just gargled salt water a few times and I haven’t had any problems since

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