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  1. White woman/black man couples have the highest divorce rates, white man/black woman couples have the lowest divorce rates.

  2. fr fr u meen 2 much 2 dis wrld.

  3. Jesus H Christ... I was just about to log off and have my evening tug and I scroll down to see this??!!

  4. You knew the risks of visiting this sub pig, it can sway between this or abby’s milkers

  5. He’s a weird hayseed with terrible taste in broads

  6. It’s the european facial structure, one of the first things ben noticed about him

  7. *borrowed and it was only because steam had a sale on World of Warcraft mods

  8. Can’t we pay them in sexual favors? Whose willing to whore themselves out?

  9. I’ll take one for the team but please no atm it reminds me too much of Fallujah

  10. Took a quick trip over at

  11. Lucy doesn’t need a mask since she just gives ray his slop on the floor

  12. Lana Del Rey been going through it

  13. I know what she looks like and it’s a carbon copy with a little extra cocaine

  14. He had a scene where some girl is sucking his dick and it slipped out and hit the guy underneath him in the face and Shane just slapped him, I always remembered that

  15. Ah...that is what i thought (have not watched that show too much yet), but I didnt remember them being THAT huge

  16. They must’ve grown with time because they look completely natural

  17. As per Wikipedia : Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) are women who have been disenfranchised for decades before forming a coalition in 2018 lead by figureheads Megan Markel and Lena Dunham

  18. Hard to believe what white men have done to this thriving community, no justice no peace ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽

  19. Jewish girls are S tier. Being antisemitic= being gay.

  20. Thats it boys, pack your bags. We lost. No more tomfoolery, only productive grown up things are allowed. No silliness around here from now on. Its over.

  21. OP better be careful what zir wish for because this sub will quickly become about Austrian economics once the jokes stop

  22. My friend had his bussypass denied, few days later died of monkey pox

  23. Of course “she’s” perfect plus after we can talk about the official numbers of the holocaust

  24. Form being the pig’s punching bag to one of the leading voices of the trans alt right

  25. Someday they're gonna find those boobs wrapped up in a carpet with three gunshot wounds, a suicide note, and no gun.

  26. “It’s possible that during the body’s convulsion the gun was thrown from the hand out the nyc penthouse window” - CNN

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