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  1. On the FITE tv stream during a break he got upset with Don Callis and Jericho for making inside jokes about Winnipeg. It was really distracting and his attitude the rest of the show came across as a curmudgeon.

  2. Father Time ? Grandfather Time would be more appropriate for him.

  3. No bet. He definitely got a talking to for that.

  4. Funny how there can be blood every week but the word pussy is pushing it too far.

  5. imagine having a company going all in on you, giving you time, signing two of your buddies and changing a wrestler's whole gimmick to fit you faction, all the while most of your time there you were treating a back injury, just to leave lol

  6. That reminds me of Kevin Durant with the Nets right now.

  7. No word of a lie, I live in Ireland and got up for work the Monday after Double or Nothing…and the PPV was still on.

  8. Damn PPVs now go for a full night, Forbidden Door being shorter was refreshing.

  9. The promise of money and awards. Moral stances go out the window when your ego and finances isolate you from real world problems.

  10. Maybe awards but you really think most of these actors are desperate for work, especially Bale & Robbie ?It's just disappointing, nothing really changes in Hollywood.

  11. Bro the refs caused this game to go 20 extra minutes tonight lol. It was 11:10 Eastern when there were less than 2 minutes left in the game, and it took almost 20 minutes to finish it off.

  12. That's the biggest reason why watching matches live can be tiring especially if you're European like me. I just want to see them play without stopping and re starting.

  13. I liked 13 Hours and Pain & Gain, here's hoping Ambulance is good.

  14. The Transporter, Unleashed, the Undisputed series, Blood & Bones, The Night Comes For Us, Ninja 1 & 2, Merentau.

  15. District B13, Running Scared, Crank, Crank High Voltage, Planet Terror, The Guest

  16. District B13 Hell Yeah, damn good French action film.

  17. 1917 Amazing movie, amazing production.

  18. I loved it too but I wouldn't call war movies blockbusters, generally they're not based on real life events.

  19. I'm being very pedantic but maybe 'last decade' is to be interpreted as 'previous decade', ie 2010-2019.

  20. Last decade means the 2010s, so 2020 didn't count obviously I thought I was clear, people downvote you for nothing on here.

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