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  1. You did. How are we supposed to finish the quest with no lives except for waiting 2 hours for the 5 they give us? Plus the huge increase to the quest itself. It makes no sense unless they will be selling lives. Or you have to buy gems to finish the quest. I really enjoyed this game for a couple of years too

  2. They have always sold lives.....just most people haven't noticed as there were so many ways to get them for free

  3. Also at midnight I opened the game and it said we’d get 2 April fools gifts. I only got 1. Did you get 2?

  4. The single chest had 2 gifts.....Tokens and a keyboard item

  5. Is she actually in the coding as a playable emoji, or is that just taken from her existing appearance when you use her power? They've used alternate appearances to advertise before. Notably the masked versions of Lando and Bo-Katan.

  6. The list her as coming here, and so far that publication has not neen erroneous on this type of point ever (yet):

  7. How is this different than what we win at level 400? So confused….

  8. This is just like when they added "The Witch" as playable when she was initially in The Evil Queen's power as non-playable.

  9. Yes and added to counter

  10. I was thinking about silver's progression when I did my math. It is 3 copies for gold and rainbow, to unlock L1. Will fix tomorrow. Thanks

  11. Note this isn't really late, they post roughly the same time on the first of the month.....they are a west coast company, so it just feels later for all you non-west coast USA folks 😆.

  12. I have the 1200 necessary, but this is crappy. I’m assuming they did this because they added the backpacks, so they figure the value you get has increased a bunch. But it’s still really not cool.

  13. This is the 5th month of Backpacks. The price increase isn't attributed to that.

  14. I know; but they didn’t increase the price when they added them. So that is probably part of JC’s justification, that they added a feature which makes it worth more.

  15. I've confirmed this is about there being 2 exclusives

  16. 🏴‍☠️💰 Cascade Sale - Apr. 1st-4th 💰🏴‍☠️

  17. Has there been any information on May Quest Pass yet? Might do this one but wouldn't mind comparing before deciding.

  18. I can't report what doesn't exist yet. I report quickly once beta files come, next beta won't be for 1-2 weeks

  19. Thank you for the urgent update yesterday. I was able to take advantage because of your accurate warning that it likely wouldn't last long, which made me check regularly (constantly) for the update and then immediately buy the pass at 800 once I got it.

  20. My one is still appearing as 1200. I've tried opening it in airplane mode several times, but no luck. I think I'm too late. :(

  21. The latest forced update I expected deployed a 6-7ish hours ago and retains the V54.4.2 number.

  22. The latest forced update I expected deployed a 6-7ish hours ago and retains the V54.4.2 number.

  23. I got version 54.4.2 as well. On iOS. I restarted the games twice, still 1200. Then restarted the phone, no change. I have airplane mode and turned off WiFi as suggested.

  24. The latest forced update I expected deployed a short while ago and retains the V54.4.2 number.

  25. Yet, updates ALWAYS take hours/days to deploy to everyone, and Apple is slower to release than Android

  26. Looks like it is time to reel it in and play more casually and get less prizes.

  27. How can they raise the amount tokens of the token quest but take away tokens from event maps? Some people need the events to complete the token quest because they don't have any missions left.

  28. They want people to BUY tokens

  29. Oh no! I've never done the Token Quest before but I just decided I'd do it for April since I have so many gems saved up! Figured I could finally have a Token exclusive. Now I'll think I'll just blow all the gems on the Jafar event like I originally intended.

  30. I'm still going to buy but man I wish I knew about the price increase sooner.

  31. They are? I’ve only unlocked the first two Mickey ones, and they’re not showing up on my keyboard yet. Haven’t tried for the Alice one yet

  32. Yep, hard to find the Mickey's as there are so many at the start of the keyboard already.

  33. Little disappointed to find out that, as far as I can tell, the new expressions aren’t added to the iOS keyboard. I could be wrong, but I haven’t seen them in the list at all

  34. They are once you unlock them, that is part of the point.....just like other emojiscadding to the keyboard after unlocking them

  35. It'd be hilarious if their April Fools joke is trolling YOU soecifically.

  36. Well, everyone thru me.....but let's just say I've been specifically trolled once before!

  37. No indications yet about a prank this year on April 1st. Always time for another update though!

  38. Wait - I thought it was during the April 1st sale of this type - did I misread the holiday based sales?

  39. Changed with an update this week

  40. Really? I was really counting on that for the April token quest. I need to see if there is another sale like this sale based on the recent update

  41. Out of curiosity… Do you happen to know why JC made the variants?

  42. What Ridry said. They will also sell stardust, so the need to test how desirable stardust is, too.

  43. Ugh I don't have Alice but I really want the 3rd map prize. I wish Stardust didn't change to tokens and we could access what we collect when we eventually do get that emoji. Otherwise it just seems pointless since they'll just keep adding Stardust emojis which will make it hard to get the earlier ones.

  44. Don't worry, they will offer to sell you stardust....I'm sure of that 😒

  45. Can you explain the fix a little bit more? The update did not work for me until they did something manual to fix the freezing. Luckily I was able to complete the event once it was fixed.

  46. Sorry, this isn't the type of thing I usually answer.

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