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  1. In an ideal world, I wish there was just one console so everybody gets to play with each other and play the same games.

  2. Competition is a good thing. Youre asking for a monopoly just for convenience.

  3. That’s why I’m speaking in terms of “an ideal world”. Money is the main motivation in the gaming industry nowadays so yeah, I doubt this would ever be a possibility.

  4. Cyberpunk 2077. Played the game and left me feeling kinda empty so I made the smart choice of watching the Netflix show afterwards, big mistake. 🤣

  5. As a 5'8-5'9 guy who constantly sees people both taller and shorter than me of both genders (there are plenty of tall women in my area), my reaction is much more surprised when i see someone around my height regardless of the gender

  6. Same situation here in the UK, I feel like literally everybody is 6ft+. I don’t see anyone around 5’8-9 anymore.

  7. Flashback Gary medel always stays in my squad, his sbc was really overpriced so I have to use him to stop myself from feeling like I wasted all my fodder.

  8. I have this + phimosis, started stretching about a week ago so I just wanna deal with my phimosis before an inevitable surgery…

  9. Phimosis is a condition, not a disease. Treatment is optional. One may remain as one is.

  10. Whatever it is, it fucking sucks (from my experience at least)

  11. Was it successful? I’ve just started and I don’t believe I need rings.

  12. I’m still using Lisandro Martinez and I’m happy

  13. Kounde was really good when I used him, I’m sure two those partnered in a back 3 with a taller cb could be great.

  14. As a Bengals fan I hate this meme, though as a TCAP fan I like that those teams are so associated with a pedo pervert. The Browns are widely associated with a pervert too, so somehow my guys are the saints of the division. Which is really weird to think about if you followed football in the mid-2000s.

  15. The Eagles are associated with EDP445, another predator. There’s a weird theme going on with these NFL teams.

  16. I went through Train 4 with The Number Four group who run Security 4. It was a 3 week course with 1 day first aid training and 1 day physical intervention. Week 1&2 was online zoom meeting doing Employability covering customer service and scenarios on how, to deal with various types, of customers within the security industry.

  17. Thank you so much. I wasn’t aware that some companies would actually provide you with the training and licence, so that is great to hear. Good luck on your future endeavours 💯

  18. The amount of people I see take this attitude is astounding and they never last long. So many come, quickly get complacent, start taking advantage and then end up being fired because they aren't even doing their extremely easy job... it's a lot. A LOT. And then they're super pissed they have to go back to shitty jobs. Cutting too many corners will cost you eventually, so enjoy it while it lasts.

  19. Is it actually this easy to get into security jobs in the states? Do they just hire anybody? In the UK I’ve gotta pay for a whole security training course + first aid training + pay for the license itself (if I pass).

  20. I didn’t mind Aurajo, however, the one CB that has stuck in my team is the Geertruida objectives card from the eredivisie. Him and Varane have been insane for me.

  21. Insanely good, been backing him since Ajax. Pundits and doubters felt he was too short to play CB in the prem however he’s shown that being tall isnt a necessity, gives huge Vidic vibes.

  22. 3-5-2 as your balanced formation? Or for defensive/attack?

  23. I wish I could tell you but I am the most unluckiest person when it comes to packs so I will never get one.

  24. You just killed yourself, you didnt save anyone. They would hide inside that house or you could eventually walk 2 meters and shield them.

  25. Yeah but that doesn’t look as cinematic or cool

  26. I love the ____ skin for my favourite hero ___ !

  27. elite 1. packed 86 vieira, im absolutely at aloss for words. my best pack pull ever.

  28. He made MBTF, Graduation, 808s, TCD, LR etc. So we allow it. /s (kinda)

  29. Quick question, have you experienced the Panam romance scene in VR yet? I have a friend that would really like to know if it’s possible 🙂

  30. I went out of my way to replace every player that had the “Injury prone” trait and I still have at least 1 injury every 1-2 games. I swear EA just want me to hate the game.

  31. I don't recall Blizzard saying it's a new game. It's more like "the game is now free to play".

  32. Might just be me but the “2” in the title “Overwatch 2” implies that it’s a sequel..

  33. At first, Overwatch 2 wasn't supposed to replace Overwatch 1 and was advertized as a PVE mode back in 2019. The sequel must be in the lore since Overwwtch reunites in the trailer for Overwatch 2.

  34. Yeah that’s true. It’s pretty sad that they forced people that paid for the first game to play this version where you can’t even earn skins without spending months of your life repeatedly doing weekly challenges, it really is a glorified update and there’s like zero need to call it a sequel.

  35. Nobody really wanted it to be free. The game shouldn’t even exist, it’s basically a glorified update for OW1 (which people paid for). I think best case situation it should’ve been a paid game that was a free upgrade for anybody that owned OW1.

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