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  1. No, tried it both ways. Tried connecting RBS directly to PC/laptop and also tried connecting RBS directly to router and neither option works. Give backhaul out of sync and can't read HW or FW, won't load page to access satellite directly. Tried several resets of other router and satellite, tried PC and laptop, tried different browsers nothing works

  2. Make sure any RBS is update to same version of FW thats on the RBR.

  3. Can't read what the HW version or FW version on the RBS, tried manual update and it opens browser with message "connection refused" tried hooking laptop to back of satellite to try manual update but still same connection refused message. Tried with tech from Netgear and no go. RBR has latest FW but can't do anything with satellite

  4. Did that as well, had an old Ruster. Upgraded all the parts, learned a lot about RC cars. Lots of fun. Sold it for way more than I bought it and then upgraded to something else.

  5. Unfortunately that is the situation in most stores, store manager us only person allowed to call police only after they call Area Loss Prevention and get the OK. I have seen this happen and approval usually takes up to an hour to come back yes or no. It's crazy....nothing in the store is worth anyone's safety

  6. Hey all, I just got these from my brother. Says he hadn't touched them since like 06. He says they work but he just got bored with them. He gave me those two, a charger, controller, a few tires and a bunch of tools and accessories. Also a couple batteries but he says they are shot. Got one charging now.

  7. I had one of those old rustlers, upgraded all the parts, put a brushless motor on it, fun times

  8. Not taking credit for design, got it from Thingiverse -

  9. About 200 hours total, 5 rolls of filament. I used wood infused and that eats up nozzle so had to replace 2 nozzle

  10. Associates eligible for winning together (supervisors, cashiers, CSA’s) are getting maximum winning together bonus regardless of store performance.

  11. Don't kid yourself, salaried ASM will get up to 15% of their salary in a bonus, SM will get up to 50% of their salary as a bonus in late August early September

  12. The whole point is that the majority of stores didn’t hit plan, so the associates weren’t getting a winning together. Salary has to hit plan to bonus too.

  13. You are correct, salaried does have to hit plan to make their bi-annual bonuses. But just like beginning of year when they gave all ASMs 6k during the the store manager meetings, they gave all store managers a vacation package worth 12k, that wasn't due to plan. It was special bonus, they will.take care of their salaried leadership.

  14. I kinda miss my old LG, would run YT on one screen and play game on second at same time while on lunch

  15. Awesome set, I'm close to completing mine!

  16. I don’t even know what that is. It’s the PR flag 🇵🇷

  17. Glad to see a fellow Boricua with a GTI

  18. Your store manager or ASM should be able to reach out to regional field merchant and have them review on hands and cut down quantities

  19. There are many 7’s with 30-50 thousand km’s selling for more than what paid for my 8.

  20. Double edged sword right now, I'm sure I would get way more now to sell my MK7.5 GTI Autobahn than I ever will. But finding a car at or close to MSRP seem impossible

  21. This is how much they are around me. Even with more miles.

  22. Just read an article that said the car market is going to crash, too many lenders gave loans out to people that didn't deserve then, record number of repos this year and still climbing. I will patiently wait it out with my MK7.5 GTI, eventually dealers will be flooded with all the cars they ordered and prices will come down

  23. Newer cameras have better resolution, won't have to pay for anything extra. I have been using Arlo Secure Plus. Arlo Secure is up to 2k resolution and Seure Plus is 4k resolution cloud storage. Main reason I use Secure Plusnis for the Emergency Response as I travel quite a bit, peace of mind being able to call authorities within the Arlo app. Both subscription plans are compatible with all Arlo cameras and door bell.

  24. Yes you should be able to add different model cameras. I have an older Pro.2 and recently zdded the new wireless doorbell, 1 arlo essential camera and 1 arlo floodlight camera. No issues at all

  25. I want to trade my Mk7.5 GTI for a MK8 R but still can't find one. Definitely not paying those huge mark ups either. Local dealer told me they should get some in September

  26. Depending on what your trade offer is, it might be a decent offset. I parted ways with my 7.5 for the same price I paid for it 3 years ago... 3 free years of fun for more fun 😊 basically same payment too.

  27. Man that would be awesome, closest R is 500 miles away tho!

  28. This should be reported to news outlets! That is so shitty! Whoever decided that was a good idea should be fired or made to work in a store for the same amount of $$ hourly associates make

  29. Yes, not sure what the cause was but so far so good

  30. Could be several things. Check the tension on the belt first. Followed by the bearing on the wheels. Also check the stepper motor. Make sure screws are tight and nothing loose

  31. Got this Fold 3 back in October of last year. Did the test again this time at 100 percent charge and it still shows battery as "Bad".

  32. Settings>Battery and Device Care>Diagnostic

  33. Appreciate all of the responses. To answer a few of your questions. I used my own personal credit card to make the purchase. The special order range was supposed to take 3 weeks to get to the store. This was back in February. Sometime in March they realized that there was a mistake and the range was never ordered. They tried to explain to me that the sales associate used an old system to ring up the transaction instead of using the newer "redvest". The ASM said that the old system did not order the range so they had to refund my original order which was put on a merchandise card and then they used the merchandise card to reorder the range using the newer software. This was not made known to me until this past week! Now the same range is on backorder with no ETA.

  34. Less than 20 miles from this dealership another Ford dealer has a Mach E GT for $61

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