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  1. I knew it was Bowser's finger but it looks like...a uncircumcised ween

  2. holy shit that is indeed a finger

  3. I don't care what phone anyone buys because I don't really care but it's like apple is insulting you for giving them money they removed the headphone jack and refuse to move to more common charger

  4. not to mention the charger it isn't even a good charger anymore. lightning cables can only do 480 mbps, vs thunderbolt enabled USB C ports which can theoretically do up to 40 gbps

  5. I also wish to speak with this fellow

  6. Olympus is definitely the best map gameplay wise, but holy hell the frame drops are awful

  7. there's a bug where you aren't able to read spoilers on mobile anymore, but that I sure hope that says "amogus"

  8. we are closer in time to Cleopatra than Cleopatra was to the pyramids being built

  9. splash or crash it's still kobe

  10. pray that season three of one punch man is this year too

  11. but... but my superiority complex!

  12. lies. obviously it is a dog disguised as a cat

  13. My badddd I read that as battleFIELD.

  14. I bought 2042 on sale not long ago. having played the other battlefield games, it's an absolute dogshit game. but if you wanted to play it and have never played any of the other ones, it's not completely terrible. I didn't play on release so I don't know how it compares to then, but the game seems to run fine now

  15. That's the worst PR "apology" I've ever seen.

  16. there's no way any sane people really believe him. the dude made Alex Jones look normal

  17. I never watched it and I'm way out of the loop with all the 21 jump street stuff. can anyone explain? all I know is that it has something to do with nazis

  18. totk release got delayed a few times. can't complain though. much better than other big studios that are releasing unfinished games

  19. I don't disagree, but there's nothing confirming the reason the game is delayed, so I wouldn't go into TOTK expecting a bug free experience just because it's been delayed.

  20. well of course we can't expect a bug free game. those don't exist. but we can at least be glad they weren't afraid to delay the game if it means it will be a much better experience than it would have been if they hadn't

  21. I am I am the one who knocks! Up Your Sister

  22. What crew? All I see are barrels from which to extract food, wood, and ammunition.

  23. real sigma pirates don't have time for photos

  24. Would tears well up on the upper eye if you're upside-down?

  25. they'd come from the lower part of your eye and probably just run your forehead. although if you've lived your entire life upside down without knowing, which side is really the lower part?

  26. What DBG needed was an escape the crumbling castle sequence before you reach him

  27. yeah that would've been sick. getting teleported is too convenient

  28. Or the 2+ hour long tutorial (looking at you, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet).

  29. also red dead redemption 2.

  30. new playgrounds don't look sturdy anymore. the ones we had were either solid wood or solid metal. a giant could step on those things and they would still be standing

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