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no fucking nazis allowed in this sub

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  1. Him and Benny refuse to let go of Gucci. Maybe the news didn’t travel to Buffalo.

  2. He should’ve been over when the MAGA hat came out, but y’all couldn’t cut him off.

  3. Respectfully disagree. He’s not obligated to align with Democrats. But I will admit, that was sus AF.

  4. It’s not just political, it’s moral. Being MAGA means you stand against the human rights of many people. So yes.

  5. Thats your opinion, and that’s a broad brush to paint. So essentially, unless you voted for Clinton and Biden or whoever else ran against Trump in ‘16 and ‘20, you stand against human rights. Got it.

  6. I was replying to OP who is suggesting that this Hitler stuff is some kind of really bad incident that wouldn’t have happened if he wouldn’t have been “attacked “ so often beforehand. I say, that’s not the case, he has been a difficult person with occasional bad takes for well over a decade.

  7. Last straw is exactly how it should be framed - this is the one where he lost everything. Shit… he got richer AFTER the slavery comments. So tell me again how his comments about Jewish people weren’t the last straw.

  8. It’s too early to know if he’ll have serious consequences. The fans don’t seem to be liking the Nazi stuff though and he may be getting less of a media platform after this too.

  9. The lil nigga asked respectfully. Don’t do him like this - it ain’t necessary to be a dick about it.

  10. How’s the show? We got a bit sidetracked for a minute… The good news is that we found you a new ally in

  11. I’m still amazed how mad I made you. Lmaoooo you got to find a better way to keep your emotions in tact. Niggas will walk all over lol

  12. Nigga you went to bed after that exchange, got a full 8 hours of sleep, woke up this morning and decided the first thing you were gonna do was engage with me 😩?

  13. If a dude spends two months telling me how bad the Jews are and has said nothing to me about aliens giving knowledge to humanity, says he loves the Nazis and Hitler, nothing about Rael and Elohim, hangs out with people known to be Nazis, not people known to be Raelian, and I see this symbol in their house, I’m not going to think they’re a Raelian. You said don’t link Raelian religion to Nazism. You should be saying that to Kanye not us.

  14. Answer the question that I asked. Yes or no? Based on what it is… it what you think it is.

  15. Long Island is incredibly conservative. It rivals southern conservative areas.

  16. I mean when Kanye is saying “I love Hitler” you kinda have to be a Nazi to agree with that…

  17. Nah, this kind of milquetoast attitude towards people's behavior is not acceptable anymore. If someone says shitty things we call them out on it, if they don't change we condemn the behavior, if they double down we cut them out.

  18. I agree with calling people out for saying shitty things. You’re in a fucking sub named KANYE, seeking to have people banned for agreeing with kAnye - even when there are instances when he may be right on some things?

  19. I hope many people learn from this not to idolize a person you don't even know because their art provokes emotion out of you.

  20. They’re not gonna learn. All of the idols that they’ll probably ever need will be sitting across the table at their fucking family cookout next summer, and they’ll look right past them to worship Lil Yung Somebody Else.

  21. Dehydrate it, crumble it, backwoods. If you use a bong, you might get some decent broth for pho.

  22. If you insist on NOT using a condom, always nut on her back, ass, tits, tonsils, forehead. This is why.

  23. Black people stand as allies on the front lines for a lot of shit that has no tangible benefit to our people AND in 99% of the cases, the love ain’t reciprocated when it’s time to ride for Black-specific causes. Miss me with the BLM counterargument - we know where the money and resources really went.

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