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  1. Lol they probably be like " I want you to fuck my wife".

  2. Women say men only think about one thing and then make crude comments about a guy waving

  3. Seems like an expensive nap but I guess you can’t put a price on quality sleep

  4. Nothing I've seen indicates that he was culturally Hispanic but maybe I'm wrong. His family photos give off a regular 1950s American vibe. Just cuz somebody has Spanish heritage doesn't mean they identify with that culture. Idk, seems like a pointless debate to me. Jerry was Jerry.

  5. Guitar and ADHD actually go together pretty well. I keep my guitar next to my desk at home and probably pick it up and set it down 20 times a day. It's just something fun and satisfying to do with your hands while watching youtube or whatever.

  6. Guy who gets naked in public doesn’t want to be recognized

  7. Yep. The fact that he got naked in the first place meant that he probably didn't think anyone would ever know. How would he know that he would be completely visible throughout a legendary concert that people still watch 50 years later? There's a reason you don't see many boobs and dingdongs flopping around at concerts these days, too many cameras...

  8. Honestly as someone who owns/has owned Jazzmasters, Jaguars and Mustangs I’d say to watch this video on YouTube. It’s the best and most accurate showcase of all the tones available

  9. As a humble Duo-Sonic owner, I'm surprised how different these guitars sound. The Jazzmaster is definitely the best for the alternative style he's playing, but at the same time the least versatile.

  10. Pretty sure that Olbermann's people have been driving the Abdirahman's people out of their homes for decades. Who the fuck is the tyrant here?

  11. Wow, a Jewish man calling out a Muslim woman. This is definitely #WhitePeopleTwitter, AM I RIGHT?! 🙄 It's not like the Ayatollah has had an account on twitter for, what, the past 10 years?

  12. I agree completely. Franklin's is something you can bust out at any jam session and people can have fun with. Yes, it's extremely simple, yes, it can be kinda boring when you have mediocre musicians but it is the perfect vehicle for jam musicians to show their worth. Great choice!

  13. Yeah because a rapper talking about Hitler is way more important than the largest social media platform on Earth blatantly interfering with an election... But oh well this is the most delusional(and ironically, blatantly racist) sub on reddit so what can you expect.

  14. Same here. I already want to see them again. Also my first Amon Amarth show and I was super impressed by their production.

  15. I want to stake the full 7k. I'm super pumped for the next step in Chainlink development and excited to see where this brings us a few years from now. I think early stakers will be rewarded handsomely.

  16. Holy shit! That one girl looks like Bobby, for sure

  17. Leah Barlow. She passed away last year from a heart issue. Sad stuff.

  18. Jeff Tischauser would doxx his own grandma if she voted republican. The fact that SPLC even platforms people like him is simply discrediting.

  19. TIL that Canadians hate Canada even more than the rest of the world already does.

  20. As long as Lex is knowledgeable enough in those games to make it interesting. I liked the Todd interview but I got the vibe that Lex hadn't played a large number of Bethesda games, seeing as he had absolutely nothing to say about Oblivion or Morrowind.

  21. I totally agree. I think that's what made the John Carmack interview so good, he let John do most of the talking and mostly listened between questions. Lex had some trouble holding his tongue this time since it was obvious he was nerding out over Skyrim. It was still good but I would have liked if he gave Todd more opportunity to just talk. Not saying it was bad at all, their personalities really meshed but it seemed like most of Todd's thoughts were cut off before he could finish them. Just my $0.02.

  22. Unless you bought for the first time exactly a week ago, chainlink has been a brutal hold

  23. It could be much worse(imagine being an ICP holder.) Things are looking good for Chainlink. The level of demoralization and FUD in here is uncanny. If it is so brutal you should have sold a long time ago. Something is keeping you here.

  24. You have been playing for more than two months, probably a few years, right? Nice job though!

  25. That's debatable. They seem alright because they're young. You don't meet many 70+ year old smokers.

  26. Very true. Jerry smoked like a chimney and people ignore that and blame the heroin and cocaine. Its all a factor but damn did that guy smoke.

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