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  1. Looks good love the little information card.did you print them or buy them?

  2. I love it. How'd you make the burrow on the right?

  3. excavator clay! they sell it in the reptile section in some pet stores. they give you tools to sort if form the burrows.

  4. I've kept 5 BDFBs with my desert hairy for the past 6 or so months and haven't had any issues whatsoever. I was worried the scorpion would try to kill them- either out of stress or for food- but he walks right over them like they aren't even there. The few times I have observed him mistaking them for food and trying to grab them, he's quickly lost interest. He'll usually give up quickly not only because their hard exoskeleton makes it hard for him to hold on but also because they're very good at playing dead... idk about your scorp but mine won't go for anything that doesn't move. In terms of food I give my beetles additional prekilled feeders, fruits and veggies. If you plan to go ahead with the cohab my 2 pieces of advice are to 1) make sure there are sufficient hiding places in the enclosure, or the beetles might all crowd the scorp's burrow and stress it out; and 2) take out the beetles as soon as it's clear the scorpion will be molting soon, as they will not hesitate to chew at the scorp while it's molting

  5. awesome! might just try it out! my scorp is done molting so im glad i wont have to move her much. i plan on getting just 2 since the enclosure is 10 gal. do you think thats enough room?

  6. At least the bun doesn't have even more regression down the middle for some reason

  7. yea bro generally you can see someones scalp with a middle part, esp if its slicked down

  8. The .52 gal!! Wish it still had booyah bomb (like the kensa .52 gal in splatoon 2) but eh killer wail is good too

  9. I would skip plants all together and then make a something with excavator clay/stone desert to mold and shape an out cropping and then add bundles of dried grass, spider wood twigs and such. I would do a 80% sand to 20% soil and then for cuc I would use arid springtails and maybe some orange powder isopods.

  10. funnily enough, i have used excavator clay and the sandy soil mix so far for her enclosure! good to know i'm doing things right so far! will look at the dried grass and spider wood as well as the cuc species you suggested, thanks!

  11. I've had enclosures like that. They're not bad but not perfect.

  12. yea, shes massive, i dont think she can fit through the holes, and the lid has locks, so she shouldn’t be able to push her way out :)

  13. Awesome hide. But now you’ll never see it lol. I bought my scorpion the coolest hide and he never leaves now. Iv had to face the hide towards the glass just to make sure he’s alright. That’s the only downside of hides. Can’t monitor them without undoing the whole thing

  14. the hide actually connects with the glass! i wanted a way to check up on her if i had to :)

  15. she's a desert hairy. i was going to fill the second half with loose substrate. shes my first scorpion so im still learning! i'm following a tutorial from youtube

  16. make sure to include d3 in their diet, ive made the mistake of not including it. also, it may be just mine, but i will go days without seeing him LOL. theyre very good at hiding

  17. Did you ever receive your L3 rainbow stag as i want to order from them but dont if there a scam

  18. no, i havent :( no email from them either. I’d recommend the insect brothers if you’re still looking, im very happy with the eastern hercules L2 i have from them.

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