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  1. why is u on god awful yt shorts instead of tiktok tho 💀

  2. tbh 2nd best song off gb&gr 🔥🔥🔥 fucking masterpiece of a song

  3. i think for me i decided to check out look at me and then after a while i listened to more and more music n shi and yea

  4. he rated trash ass demons before so he prolly would rate awt

  5. I’m watching it on HBOMAX completely uncensored. Enjoy

  6. i think ur lying since i just recently started watching it (and on hbomax too) and havent even heard a single fuck bomb yet

  7. its not actually that its literally the ass of any guy

  8. bro ima put it on my dead grandpas fucking GRAVE that im 16

  9. why do u think im 🧢ing bout my fucking age anyway (even if i was why would u care and shi either)

  10. a very late goodnight back (also we might, anyways it was almost midnight (aka the start of the next day) so i meant it literally)


  12. atp id suggest moving onto other demons for a while before coming back to deadlocked once ur a little better

  13. Happy cake day (our join dates are one day apart)

  14. Cringe Opinion, Looks Like You Forgot How To Be Based, Better Luck Next Time Fuck Boy.

  15. it aint my fault telltale sucks like name 1 good telltale game that isnt just qte after qte with the occasional option every now and then like a vn rip off

  16. Reddit hates opinions for some reason. I sometimes get downvoted if I say a negative opinion about something

  17. it wasnt an opinion tho its a literal fact that u physically cannot play the game anymore

  18. If u a fan of gas u should listen to 10 Feet tall

  19. Lol no you can't, it's basically pepper spray in pepper form.

  20. all except the last (especially since yuri best girl ima put that on my dead uncles grave)

  21. idk (since i dont use spotify) but ik its been on apple music

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