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  1. Theres only the 1/2 drive for the Icon. The one I really need is a 3/8 and thats through Quinn. Is Quinn decent? I honestly don't know tool manufacturers that well at all.

  2. GearWrench has a 3/8th digital flex head that also does angle

  3. Mazda tech here... My advice is to run away from the Dorito engine at all costs. These RX8s spend more time in the shop than they do on the road. Not to mention it's getting a lot harder to find parts for them too.

  4. Good luck finding someone that can replace it without mailing it to Samsung. I ended up snapping my fold 3 in half because the Samsung employees don't know how to replace it. $50 insurance deductible sounded a lot better than being without a phone for 3 weeks.

  5. Lol if that were true then 12-points wouldn’t even exist, not like there are 12-point bolts

  6. Uh most axle nuts and driveshaft bolts are 12 point.

  7. Your possession limit is how many total fish you can have on your person before returning to your permanent residence. Your daily bag limit is how many fish you can harvest on a single day. So if you go on a weekend camping/fishing trip you can catch 5 on Saturday take those back to your camp then catch 5 on Sunday. You would then not be permitted to harvest any more until those fish are back at home in the freezer.

  8. That's extremely steep! Our dealer charges $79.99 for a basic service. You can take your vehicle anywhere you want to have basic oil and tire rotation services performed. Just be sure to keep all receipts and make sure to choose a high quality synthetic oil.

  9. No sorry but I would definitely look at independent shops or quick lube places before paying those prices. It does not matter where you get your vehicle serviced as long as you keep the documentation should there be any warranty issues.

  10. If you are experiencing oil loss there is a TSB out to replace the valve stem seals. I haven't had a car come back after doing the repair so it seems to be resolving the issue.

  11. Do you know why some models in the effected range have no issues? Is it maybe because the seals are seated properly? I have a 2021 M6 and no consumption issues.

  12. "This is caused by an oil consumption increase due to damage of the valve seals on the exhaust side. To eliminate this concern, the design of these valve seals has been modified."

  13. Here are the scheduled maintenance intervals for Mazdas,

  14. There is a lock tab to remove under the trim above the wheel remove that and the clips just pop out. Be sure to open the rear door to gain access to the full trim piece. Simply pop the new one back in place ensuring all the clips pop in properly and reinstall the lock tab and you're done.

  15. The batteries on these new Mazdas rarely last long at all due to all the electronics. Your OEM battery should be covered under warranty if it tests bad. Very important to replace these batteries on a regular basis because when the charge gets too low you can have all sorts of issues.

  16. Agreed can't help but notice he was probably riding the guys ass in front of him. Damage wasn't even bad in the rear. Could have avoided the total if he had just kept a proper distance

  17. Unfortunately this was completely out of my control. We were coming to a stop in traffic and some kid in a truck with zero towing experience had a load of mulch and was going way too fast. He swerved out of traffic to avoid hitting the guy behind me and had to swerve back in to avoid a head on collision. Hit me in the rear and clipped the guy that was behind me with his trailer. My car was pushed forward with so much force it slammed into the guy in front forcing his car to also slam into the guy in front of him. I was at a complete stop when he hit me. Cops got the truck driver for reckless driving and insurance found him at fault for all 4 vehicles. All in all insurance gave me $12,000 for a car I paid $9000 less to obtain so I can't really complain. Nobody was hurt thankfully.

  18. This is becoming a common issue at my dealership. We've warrantied like 3 for this issue in the past couple weeks.

  19. Do they usually hold the vehicle while ordering a new head or let you continue to drive it?

  20. I highly advise not driving while this is happening. Most dealerships have loaner cars for this situation.

  21. That just means it's getting ready for your service. I can guarantee you your oil did not go bad within one year. Keep driving until you hit the 5000 mile mark and then go get your oil changed.

  22. There is no reset button. Once you drive about 20mph the light should turn off. Sounds like one of the tire guys damaged the sensor.

  23. Yes this is an accurate quote. Entire engine has to be dropped down in order to replace the water pump as it is located inside the timing cover. I just did one a few weeks ago and they are not fun at all.

  24. Your vehicle has a timing chain so whoever told you it needs a belt probably mis diagnosed the other problems as well. Take it to the dealer and pay the $160 diag fee and go from there.

  25. Tensioner is leaking hydraulic fluid, and drive belts shows signs of cracks a and frayins. Replace tensioner and drive belts.— this is what the diagnostics reading showed

  26. Then yes definitely take care of the belt. Mazda charges 1.8 hours for the job parts and labor is around $600

  27. Just get one of those back flush attachments with the dump valve and you'll be fine. I flush dude wipes down mine and haven't had an issue.

  28. Mazda tech here. I know this thread is old but for anyone else that's wondering. The only models that are equipped with an actual maintenance light are the ones with the small displays to the right of the instrument cluster. In your case the wrench means you have a non emissions related fault code and would need to use an OBD2 scan tool to pull up the codes.

  29. I'm definitely guilty of this. Sometimes I'll take like 2 or 3 drags and I'm done 🤣

  30. Just bend the backing plate back in place. Also get you a new wheel stud lol.

  31. Glad I took advantage of the ATT promo they had. Literally gave them a galaxy S3 that had no screen on it and got $1000 for it. Wife got a free z flip too.

  32. Hey do you still have this game downloaded I play against real ppl everyday but have some questions about invites and getting ppl in your club my lobbies are full usually I’m on Xbox please hit me back been looking for more players

  33. Idk what lobbies you find but every lobby I get is just full of MADD bots.

  34. Thanks for input. Didn’t want to waste money when there’s plenty of free options with actual players

  35. Yeah it's kinda unfortunate that there are barely any real players. The game is also hella buggy but it's definitely a great experience if you can get a lobby with real players.

  36. Happens on YouTube music for me too. Will show up even when the app is closed happens on my pixel too.

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