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  1. Andddd the tickets sold out instantly, guess I'll just watch worlds from my hotel room this year.

  2. I wouldn’t have to go to work tomorrow so that’s a plus I guess…

  3. I had one account banned because it was Botted, but not for toxicity or running it down.

  4. I believe some wealth inequality is good. To the extent it is right now? No.

  5. How do you know the original poster is male? They could be Non-Binary, Female, It, They/Them

  6. Sorry, you must be fairly new to English, but male pronouns are generally used online for unknown genders as well as male. Cheers mate.

  7. Rumble, because he is my sleep paralysis demon. Thank god nobody plays him

  8. HOB with nashers -> dcap/mejais -> riftmaker/crown -> Hourglass/Banshee's Veil

  9. Every time I see these polls I wonder why NM is on it. I love living out here and it’s my favorite of the 45 states I’ve gotten to visit.

  10. I’ve always had more trouble with Draven axes than Kalista passive, but kalista only has two abilities without your brain dead support

  11. Mamma, I live in the US but my family is Italian. I've gotten a few weird looks here and there but I think the term is more endearing than childish.

  12. If they don't have a way to trade back onto you it's very nice, especially in mid. I normally Q start when playing that role.

  13. I.... actually had no clue. I'm sure I felt it in game but damn that's so weird not having known.

  14. Chose a much better place to get a screenshot than I did my first playthrough.

  15. Easy 50% off, not that I’d be able to get much down (Anorexia really sucks man)

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