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  1. Putting aside the societal and biological drivers, being single brings with it its own stressors. They just come in a different manner. It may be easier to stay single, but that also forgoes having a partner that can help share the loads you do have, or to back you up where you're not as capable yourself. As you grow older your friends tend to have their own lives and may not always be able to provide you with company on a whim, whereas getting companionship and staving off loneliness is easier when you have a family living in the same house as you do. Having kids may be stressful, but it gets less so as they get older and more independent (to a degree) and then you'll hopefully have a good friend and a bank filled with good memories that you can cherish in your sunset years.

  2. Agreed. I'm single and you hit the nail right on the head. Taking care of yourself on your own is not easy and all that work with no companionship. Being single can be tough as well, both physically and emotionally.

  3. I always like how people assume single life is easy. I'm in my mid 30s and was not fortunate yet to find a significant other and with the Covid pandemic, that's only made meeting people even harder since many around me are still scared of social gatherings. Single life is NOT easy. I literally have to do all my own cooking, all my laundry, all my cleaning around the house, do all my shopping, and solve all my problems on my own without any help from anyone. All this while I work over 50 hours a week at my job! Yes, I don't have kids to worry about or a family to cater to, but I literally have to do EVERYTHING on my own. The only plus side to single life is money since I can keep expenses low since I'm only paying for myself. But to support and take care of myself on my own is very hard. With married people, the responsibilities are more for sure, but at least the work can be split up and no one has to take on everything by themselves.

  4. Why do you think HBO will cease to exist? HBO is like 50 years old.

  5. Ok then I misunderstood. I was just asking a question. Not sure what’s with all the downvotes. I love HBO as much as the rest of you do.

  6. you won't find a better deal. seems obvious.

  7. Are you sure? Maybe it might get knocked down to under $1,000 during Black Friday...

  8. Ok thanks. Not sure why you downvoted me. I wasn't trying to contradict, but was genuinely asking because I also have my eye on that same TV, so am wondering what would be a fair expectation in terms of price drop

  9. OP is rocking a 43", 55 would be a huge step up. No tvs have good sound you need a sound bar and a sub. Most people will be happy with 4k UHD, unless your some tv nut, in which case you already have at least a 75".

  10. "necessary" is such a interesting choice of word to try to use when describing televisions.

  11. Yes I live in North America. Why does a 55” TV make you think I don’t live in North America?? 55” TVs are very popular here!

  12. not NYC, but Liberty Science Center in Jersey City has a special place in my heart and is accessible by PATH

  13. I loved LBC as a kid! Didn't know it was accessible by PATH. I'll look into that. Thanks.

  14. $4M for a church building is peanuts. Our church needed $2M for a ceiling repair and the before and after pictures look identical. And ours isn’t a particularly pretty church, it was built in the 50’s and it kind of looks like a gymnasium.

  15. But I find something like this inexcusable. First, all priests should be dedicated to God and as such, all priests should be be running a parish with the best interest. And yes, priests are humans and maybe the previous pastors didn't have a knack for maintaining the parish, so maybe not their fault. And that's what the Bishop is for. They should be assigning the proper priests that have the knack for such things. And the Bishop should be overseeing these things as well. For the past 18 years, didn't the Bishop realize our church was not properly maintained?

  16. Really? You think the Bishop, in addition to overseeing the running of the entire diocese as well as attending to the spiritual needs of his flock, the physical needs of his employees, interacting with the public, and being the man responsible for dealing with any scandal/public outcry you think he should be checking the gutters at local churches? No, the Bishop did not realize that your local parish church wasn’t maintained. I’m guessing he had bigger fish to fry.

  17. I don't have access to the boiler or the roof, so not sure how I would know. I'm not sure why you're being so defensive. I'm being asking $4m, don't I have a right to ask questions? As an FYI, this $4m is needed NOW because our pastor announced that these are urgent repairs and if not repaired by winter time, it will be an issue. I don't see how raising $4m in a few months is possible. And like I said, had this been addressed the past 18 years, we could've maintained & repaired the bricks/roof/boiler in piecemeal and we would've been able to raise the money little by little. Now that it's an emergency, it poses a big problem. We have about 3,000 people on average that come to mass every Sunday. If you do the math, each parishoner needs to donate $1,333 on average to raise the money, in addition to the two Sunday collections and the annual appeal. I just don't see how that is possible since we're in difficult times right now and we lost many parishoners due to the pandemic.

  18. Hair is hormonal so it’s very possible that if you wanted to grow it out, it’ll come back at your age. To be completely honest with you, you will not be 100% hair free after 6 sessions. You’ll need at least 8. You’ve also already purchased and redeemed the Groupon so you might as well just continue with the services anyway! Good luck friend!

  19. That’s disappointing to hear that hair will end up growing back. LHR is not cheap and hate to hear that my wallet will be drained and the hair will all come back anyway.

  20. My two cents, think about how long you've wanted to be hairless in that area. Has it generally been your whole life? Are you doing it for aesthetic reasons or other? By other I mean - if being hairless is easier for you on a daily basis/causes less friction/makes your clothes less sweaty/or some other personal reason why you want to do it, I don't think one day you would be regretting it.

  21. I never shaved my underarms all my life. I did a few times as a teenager and maybe a few more times in my 20s. I always liked it when shaved, but then since it wasn't the social norm, I was self conscious and kept growing it back. I always hated when the hair grew back though. Not only is their odor when I sweat, but the hair causes the underarms to itch sometimes and that always bothered the heck out of me. Finally now I'm in my mid thirties and few years ago, I was like, screw it and regularly started shaving again and haven't looked back since. Armpits just feel free and breathe better now, no more BO (whether I use deodorant or not), and best of all, no more itching. It just all around feels better.

  22. It's not just in movies, it's in real life too. And it's more prevalent when your friend starts dating your ex, not just a random person.

  23. But why would A hate C? If A and B broke up, why does it matter if C wants to date B? Why doesn’t your friend have a right to date your ex if they both see a connection in each other?

  24. I just did mine, and its totally worth it. No more BO and dried sweat on those uglies.

  25. Thanks. Glad I'm not the only guy that wants to get it done. Agree 100% on the BO and sweating and that's why I want to get it done.

  26. You need to purchase a provider like sling tv which u can get for 10 bucks the first month and connect it to espn

  27. I already used the $10 promotion when I used Sling to catch the Olympics last year. So I don't think I'm eligible for the $10 again. And I, personally, had too many problems with the Sling app. I felt YouTube TV works much better and has unlimited DVR, so I can record all the matches.

  28. It will be the same as the AO and Wimby. Big matches will be on “cable” and/or streaming on regular ESPN.

  29. I didn't notice any matches missing on AO and Wimbledon on ESPN+, but then again, I had to watch them on demand due to the fact that I wasn't in the same time zone. I'm from NY, so the US Open will match my time zone and will be watching most of the matches live, especially the semis and finals. So I probably need cable then.

  30. You’re kind of asking two questions. 1. Should you be singing with a group of people during the pandemic? That’s iffy due to the amount of possible virus droplets that are being expelled while you are all singing together. Definitely monitor your symptoms.

  31. #2 is a possibility. We are not a professional choir, so we just sing as a hobby and we don't get trained on any special techniques.

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