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  1. I have an idea. Imagine Hunger games but instead of killing each other with weapons. Instead you get syringes filled with Furry goo that paralizes and slowly transforms those injected. I would be the game master and your character would be trying to win against 34 NPCs.

  2. casually flying a P-51 "right here, don't worry!" crashes it because not paying attention

  3. this feels like a russian video - car alarm in the background, fursuiter in a spinny cup thing that looks like it's in a scrap yard, etc.

  4. I'd recommend a Lancaster, because it can carry larger bombs than the B-29 could.

  5. That’s if you can get your hands on one, most WW2 bombers are either destroyed or in the hands of museums

  6. yikes... good thing Coal has retractable spines on his tails, he would easily tear up his throat, then make his escape.

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