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  1. They were disease ridden and covered in mud and shit though

  2. They wer great at killing Nazis too, much better than the western allies.

  3. Nah, the K:D for the western allies was much better. They also managed to take the vast majority of POWs.

  4. 80% of German military casualties were on the Eastern front and 75-80% of their military power was deployed there. The number of German POW's capture by the Soviets and the Western allies, was roughly 2.8 million each. The Western front was a comparative sideshow and failing to see that is failing at grasping basic historical knowledge.

  5. I'm about to just start wearing a singular basket weaving merit badge patch on my PC.

  6. Any reason why you went 11 o'clock instead of 1 with the flashlight? Only ask because I have a similar setup coming soon and am trying to decide where to put it.

  7. I shoot rifles left handed because I'm left eye dominant.

  8. People are way too optimistic for how this is going to go. Just because Russia's antiquated corrupt military fucking shit the bed in Ukraine does not mean something similar will happen in Taiwan. China has infinitely more resources, personnel, and political will to carry out an invasion, and Taiwan isn't next to a dozen friendly European neighbors who can send support.

  9. It's honestly shocking how badly Russia's military and tech has performed. They lack the budget but they have the institutional knowledge of weapons development from the cold war that China does not.

  10. I can see saying the Spaniards provided the catalyst for the fall of the Triple Alliance and maybe the last 10% to get over the finish line, but that they were equal in importance to the native allies and smallpox? No way. The Spaniards didn't pull their weight. That's Cortes's post-conquest PR campaign at work where the native allies are treated like a footnote.

  11. You know who didn't have a record of defeating and subjugating people without the European concept of warfare? Everyone else but the Aztecs, they kept losing. Without the Spanish they would have all remained subjected vassals or essentially cows for harvesting in ceremonial warfare as the Tlaxcalans were.

  12. Very little in your response is even close to historically accurate. It's all based on Cortes's PR campaign.

  13. Boy, it sure must be easy to argue when you throw out everything that conflicts with your opinion as "propaganda".

  14. While the amount Churchill was to blame for the Bengal famine is definitely blown over he definitely should be blamed to an extent.

  15. 1: Sounds like the Japanese are to the ones to blame for.atartingna war and invading Burma, not the British for countering their invasion.

  16. 1: What do you mean the progress was very slow? Their initial progress into Burma was very fast and the retreat of both Commonwealth troops and civilians from their advance was a total mess in 1942, hence the hasty scorched earth policy to try to stop them.

  17. I lost a lot of trust in NDT when I heard him say that the pyramids were the tallest buildings in the world until the Eiffel tower.

  18. Your submission has been removed because it has been posted on the subreddit recently.

  19. Grenada had an unpopular military coup during the Reagan Administration. This coup endangered the very large number of US Medical Students attending medical school in Grenada. In response Regan Greenlit a millitary operation to restore the democracy and bring US students home. It was incredibly successful both militarily and for the populace. The USA people saw this as a return to form post vietnam as it showed how glorious the US Army could be. And the people of Grenada were also thankful for this. The success of this action is partly the reason why the USA thought it could invade Iraq and Afghanistan and build democracies there.

  20. I know about the invasion of Grenada, my uncle was a recon Marine there.

  21. And democratic states have overthrown or defeated other democracies countless times. So your point is moot. Churchill only believed in democracy for those races he considered people.

  22. Ok well as fascism continues to rise today in the west and in the world as a whole i hope it makes you feel good about yourself splitting hairs about how inhuman you have to view others and how many rights you have to take from them before you’re called a fascist. Cheers.

  23. You have uncovered my plan to pretend to know Matt's cousin.

  24. Ah yes, the homeland of the Ottoman Empire....Athens.....

  25. I hit a pothole riding my motorcycle on Ranstead street right off of 8th earlier this year that I shit you not must have been at least a foot deep and somehow appeared in a few days since I used to be down there multiple times a week for work.

  26. I'm an American, and while Taipei definitely has that slipshod construction look to a lot of it idk, I didn't think it looked run down. Older yeah, but that is what gives a place character.

  27. I know a girl from high school who decapitated one girl and seriously injured another with her car.

  28. He literally sent letters where he babbled on and on about how many slaves he could bring to Spain to Spanish Monarchs.

  29. But the only people he actually enslaved was a Taino group led by Caonabo, who was attacking the Taino he was allied with and had killed all the men he left at La Navidad.

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