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  1. You know what? I won’t even talk about the car… FINALLY a biker with brakes on the internet! I’m so done with all the videos thar bikers throw their bikes, fall, hit cars, break mirrors etc. dude… just stop the damn vehicle or sell it and take the bus!

  2. Yea that's kinda hugely subjective though. Personally I think most bikes look a little weird with 2 people on. With the exception of cruisers. But you said you wanted naked or sport.

  3. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. Just wanted to see some experiences. And I won’t always have a passenger on, but with a max lift of 160kg for example and me being 110 I can barely get groceries xD

  4. Yea, like I say though, that's just suspension sag, and you can adjust that easily. It's not as if the bike is gonna fall apart if you put 161kg on it. You are just more likely to bottom out your suspension. Tune your bike with you at 110kg on it and the actual weight you can carry will go up.

  5. Indeed, but you don’t feel confident knowing you reach the suggested limit (on anything). Realistically nothing will actually happen, instead of maybe not reaching max speed, but still…

  6. “Yeah, that was kinda weird but we’re back in the club…”

  7. He may host sometime, so… how about a gay Matt Shatt skit? 🤷🏼

  8. That’s your question? The guy had just balls and no penis and now he has one

  9. Nah, they giggle too much and it takes me out of the moment.

  10. I was searching for this comment! I always skip their part these days and it’s not because the jokes are bad, but their delivery is always like they are tipsy. It’s obvious that it’ll happen sometimes in a live show, but always? Like, in every-single-phrase? Oh come on…

  11. It feels weird in this sub to see a bad inspiration photo and then the actual tattoo being a masterpiece…

  12. The problem with ordering direct from China is the bike is shipped to you in a crate. You will be responsible for the Post Delivery Inspection, plus dealing with any manufacturer defects or other issues to make the bike street legal in your country. Buying from a reseller of these bikes means they have to do all that.

  13. I won’t order directly from China. I found them from Greek sellers. Just can’t find anything about them on the internet (reviews, videos, not even reddit posts…)

  14. You have to make the best CHOICE for you and animals/planet.

  15. While most people are telling you to go to another sub, I’ll give you a brief answer for this.

  16. I know the basics (real basics) of coding, just so I can understand and communicate with the others.

  17. Neon is a little different that would be an emissive material on the object. Something like that will help you learn overall lighting though.

  18. Yea, that’s what I’m thinking. Even if I fail at something, I’ll still get an idea of how it works

  19. Okay so while it may not be everyone’s favorite Corsair iCue is great at what it does and provides some unique game integrations in terms of controlling lighting. It can control Asus RGB if Armoury Crate is installed and offers a multitude of accessories for a pc with their RGB in it. Personally I have a bunch of their stuff in the PC and find myself making adapters to plug non-corsair stuff into a Corsair hub. It is just easy to use.

  20. So an Asus mobo-gpu combo with corsair for pretty much everything else and all controlled via iCue. Right?

  21. That has been my experience. It isn’t bad, mb integration could be smoother but it does work. Check the Corsair icue website for mb support.

  22. This…. Seriously learn to code… VFX is overworked, underpaid and completely overly idealized… producers are exploiting VFX and the race is still going to the bottom…. It feels more and more like sweatshop work every year… and the talent pool that is ok with this exploitation are not people that build a healthy work environment…. Nice honest people get replaced by dirt bags… it is the nature of all exploitation.

  23. Update: A massive hunting party came by and killed it about a minute after I posted this lol

  24. Why not just a wooden double-backplate with extra room for wires and stands for glass in front (like Core P5)?

  25. Idk about the dress, but I know you MUST use Construct VII with that…

  26. I really want Sarah to be the new Weekend Update anchor with someone from the current cast. Sarah’s News are serotonin boosters!

  27. Scientifically proven sentient beings capable of feeling loneliness, love, anger, guilt and everything we can experience… so it’s not about what you think, it’s about how much you trust science and rational thinking

  28. We got almost everything needed to revive SNL and live a new golden era!

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