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  1. You guys are ridiculous lol. Why are you pocket watching? If you don't like her so much just unfollow. Her life, her clothes, her Instagram account. The woman is going through a stressful time in her life, and if she can afford nice things for herself, I don't see a problem. People are allowed to change, make more money, afford nicer things in life. You can't expect her to be the same person you followed 5 years ago

  2. I personally love stku but paying 7k in rent is absurd if you're planning to stay in the area long term.

  3. I’m guessing she’s renting still. Just because she moved on the 1st. Unless she was able to get her escrow dates lined up.

  4. No houses in corona del mar closed on that date or in the days before so I doubt she bought unless they closed earlier

  5. My mom lives an hour away and is my only childcare. She takes her overnight once a week and it has worked out great for us. Baby LOVES being at my moms, mom LOVES having such quality time with baby. Mama gets a break and a morning to sleep in.

  6. Your realtor is trying to be a good realtor and keep the transaction from falling apart.

  7. Decide whether to move with my strict mom in San Francisco or my alcoholic but carefree dad in florida. Chose SF. Best choice I ever made for my life. Had also already graduated high school at 16 so went straight to college out here, but dropped out and now making a very hefty salary out here, with the love of my life and our 1 year old.

  8. Is she having anxiety elsewhere? Up until I was about 10, I had both kinds of accidents and it stemmed largely from severe anxiety and parental problems that caused me to find attention from that. Perhaps worth looking into? Has she went through any trauma?

  9. I have a toddler and 3 dogs so floors get cleaned by my husband every morning, bathrooms I clean once a day at night and we clean the kitchen every time we cook. Dishes automatically in dishwasher/pots cleaned. Windows and dusting once a week. A load of laundry a day, sheets once a week.

  10. I’m still positive on day 13. I can’t go back to work until I’m negative and I have no idea when that’s I’ll be!

  11. I have heard the tests can stay positive for months. But I don't know if that means it's contagious or not.

  12. My 18 month old just got over it. Had a very high fever and was extremely lethargic for 24 hr and had projectile vomiting once. I gave her pedialyte through a syringe and let her do it. She didn't want to eat anything- just wanted a ton of bottles with pea milk (Ripple). Not sure if you still give a nightly bottle with your LO but it kept her peeing and pooing. It's been 6 days and she's still been grumpy but her sleep is back to normal and slowly starting to eat more solids. I've read a lot that toddlers this age just have a pretty severe 24h then are just off for a few days which is exactly what we're experiencing. My partner and here were positive while I was negative but now of course I'm positive. Just glad I didn't have it when the little one was super sick.

  13. Ha! We noticed this last time we went to in n out, I think it is broken because it flashed when we went straight on a green light

  14. What did you tell yours when he cried and whined for milk? And did you have a similar situation where because of the milk they hardly ate any foods? What foods seemed to work? Pizza is a good staple item for me and french fries, chicken nuggets are on and off but i'm thinking if the milk stop cold turkey it may come back in the rotation lol...but nothing beyond that :( that's why I'm so scared to do this because I don't know what to serve him.

  15. Yep. While my baby is only 18 months, it was a very similar situation and she was waking for milk as well and eating NO food. It was really hard so I feel for you. Basically we would just say "no baba" and offer snacks. Eventually she got hungry enough to start eating. Staying consistent is really the key and don't give in no matter how grumpy. They need to learn that the food will make them full! TikTok has great toddler meal ideas! We eat lots of yogurt, air fried meats, salmon, shrimp, chicken, pork, quesadillas, Annie's mac and cheese, beans and rice, and steamed veggies and fresh fruits. Just keep offering a variety because it will prevent future pickiness! Keep offering even if they don't like it at first- it takes time!

  16. thank you for your help! i'm so glad i got some input from other mamas because i was worried i was being too hard on him...but another part of me is like nah he's almost 4 and this needs to stop. hoping it gets easier over the days.

  17. As a 23 yo mom who was just in her's a normal part of being a teenager in this day and age. Maybe have a candid conversation with her from a viewpoint of wanting to keep her safe (and warn the dangers of things like this getting out around her school) etc. Overall just handle with compassion rather than coming at her wanting to punish her. It's a part of growing up, and she's probably just now exploring her sexuality and relationship with boys. My mom was always very compassionate on this topic and it made me have a very healthy relationship with sex and my body and for that I am forever grateful.

  18. The real estate market will always be less volatile than the stock market. The golden rule is if you can commit to holding onto it for 5 years, your property will appreciate. Don't be scared by the current market- it can work to your advantage right now as there is far less competition than there has been recently. Homes aren't selling significantly over list price (and often under right now) which will end up balancing out on the high interest rates. You can always refinance. If you need a realtor in the city or a referral to the east bay, let me know. Happy to help!

  19. Loveeee our uppababy Minu and will definitely be keeping to use as infant stroller for next baby as well

  20. I still carry my 18 month old around most of the time when I'm home lol babies like to be held it's normal.

  21. I know this differs from the rest but I had severe recurrent ear infections as a kid and after seeing a chiropractor one time, I never had an ear infection again.

  22. She wants so desperately to be young and kid free. She can’t come to terms with the fact that’s she’s a mom now. None of the traveling she does is even for the girls. Being friends with that Ana girl that’s barely 20 and just runs around at the beach. As a mom, Maia is the total opposite of relatable.

  23. She's allowed to take a moment of her vacation away from her kids. This is ridiculous

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