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  1. i think i would tell her and block them both after without waiting for her response, a bit like other people are saying.

  2. and so that would make it not his fault? because when an eighteen year old tries to seduce you YOU MUST have sex with her? wtf. the man is disgusting and she was the one hurt. i’m not treating her as if she was a toddler, the man was her boss, wake tf up

  3. idk about this one, depends on how intense it is. from my point of view, it’s a bit like teens in high school having a "crush" on a teacher. never truly means anything, they’re full of hormones and they’re just being more verbal about their perspective than grown adults. if a friend of mine would say stuff like that, i know it would never be a concern, but people are very different. i mean i’m only 19 so i know a lot of people say things like that and it’s never as concerning as some people are responding. of course idk what’s the girl like so maybe just have a conversation with your daughter idk

  4. it changes a lot, but grsa has been really special to me for a while now

  5. Wallows and Holly Humberstone are definitely my 2 favorite acts 👏👏

  6. i love this line up so much. holly humberstone, wallows, the backseat lovers, goth babe, peach pit, japanese breakfast, people who don’t like it are about to find out about amazing artists 🤩

  7. Zadar is a cute, small town on the coast with access to some nearby islands. I enjoyed exploring the old town and stumbling across Roman ruins all over the place. I also recommend walking out to the tip of the peninsula and visiting the Sea Organ. It's a musical instrument/art installation powered by the waves, and it makes some haunting and organic sounds. Right nearby is the "Greeting to the Sun" monument - solar panels gather energy during the day, and it lights up at night. Definitely check it out after sundown!

  8. C'est ce que je me dis aussi. Les comparer à l'année dernière ressemblerait à Foo Fighters = RATM Imagine Dragons = Maroon 5 Mumford & Sons = Alanis Morissette Weezer = Jack Johnson?

  9. d’après moi ça fait vraiment pas assez longtemps que les foo fighters sont venus pour qui reviennent une troisième fois tbh

  10. It won't go up. You are fine. I've never seen price change before. The only risk is in past years where the lineups were insanely good it has sold out, but i don't think that happened for the last 2-3 Osheagas. You'll have plenty of time to buy after the full lineup is released.

  11. wasn’t it announced on their instagram that people had until the lineup reveal to pay the 2022 price?

  12. NTA and manipulative boyfriend. you really should get out of this relationship, you don’t owe him anything. if it makes your boyfriend feel better to know you are bored and sad at home by yourself instead of having fun out with friends, this is not healthy.

  13. NTA. i understand a few of your family members might be disappointed to never see you, but if they are as horrible as you describe them, it should not be your problem. you don’t have to be close to your family just because « they’re family » imo. a family should feel like home, not make you feel uncomfortable.

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