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  1. It sounds super good. I think it’s a really cool idea to go back and sort of modernize classic songs with some modern elements, while keeping the soul of the original piece. I enjoy this a whole lot more than I would if someone just rereleased the song with different voices and tones. Good job. Only suggestion would be to make the drums a little quieter, but that’s just me and I’m probably not your target demographic tbh because I don’t usually listen to songs with drums like that, so I’d say just do whatever you want because the rest of it sounds heavenly.

  2. That’s good feedback thanks. I don’t think the drums need to be that front and present here

  3. Here’s one take - tonality usually/must have: a pitch center (starting/end home point), the presence of a V(7) chord/ a major chord w a minor 7th from the root, tertian harmony, and clear functional relationships between the harmonies. Without the above criteria, doesn’t necessarily make it atonal however. Atonality denotes no pitch center at all/ harmonic pull, but that can all be subjectively perceived by meter and the order of ‘harmonies’ (where it starts/ends). Clearly there is tonality, but what atonal means can be very subjective, and some unique pitch relationship structures can be whatever you really want to call them.

  4. I've never heard of a midi keyboard with an audio interface together. Why don't you just get them separately?

  5. Technically true, but that's a workstation not a MIDI controller. That's a very expensive solution that isn't necessarily what OP wants

  6. You were referred to a keyboard, and hence my reply. One can get a used MOXF for cheaper than a new interface and dedicated midi controller. Not saying it’s the best solution

  7. The only real "sweet spot" effect I know is that strings sound more resonant and secure in keys like C and D, where their open strings can vibrate sympathetically (and be used in double stops). Obviously professional orchestras can still sound great in remote keys (check the last movement of Mahler's 9th).

  8. Yep, to expand on that in a simplistic fashion, sharp keys: good, flat keys: bad

  9. B is probably too far north, and Bb not necessarily too far south, for this effect...but broadly, yes.

  10. Agreed, not TOO many sharps as to cancel out the open strings, and vice versa is ok w flats

  11. He had a look at your IG and thought you were a fool obviously. block and delete but not after posting his DM and username

  12. Pretty cool! What are the specifically are the nobs controlling? (aside from the filter one)

  13. Sounds like a great start in terms of the layers coming in. I’d say the drums could have some more programming/ variation and fills. As well as the sound selection could also be improved. The synth is cool but not strong enough to carry the track like that. I dig the ideas laid out, just needs a few areas of work

  14. 50 bucks an Aeron? Presss X for doubt.

  15. Funny, NI's stuff works best on my Mac Studio. Akai on the other hand ... meh ... I can't use the MPC Software with a buffer size that equals latency below 10 ms.

  16. I went with the Mac mini that has the M1 in it a couple of years ago. It’s great. You save money if you get the mini and a basic keyboard/mouse/monitor setup. The new MacBook Air isn’t built to last, unfortunately.

  17. My wife has one and it hasn’t been that long, it’s already mega slow and she doesn’t even produce music on her machine. She just uses it for general work.

  18. Multiple large library instances like BBCSO even worked, though load times weren’t great

  19. Google voice leading. You can double the bass more, then voice lead accordingly. You’d an then write a melody with chord tones to keep it simple

  20. I saw that.. and all the saxes I want, but separate :( I am very intrigued by their offerings. So clean/ realistic and exactly what I was looking for. Have you used em in anything that I can hear?

  21. I've not used them before, but I'm heavily involved in the virtual instrument industry and can tell you they're the real deal.

  22. It’s cool, but the loop isn’t strong enough to carry it the whole way through. Needs variation badly (to my ears) the drums need a better polish too. This is fairly skippable if it came up in a playlist. Just my two cents ✌️

  23. Well done. The mix is solid as is the vocals. I like the variation - keeps it interesting. My ears want to hear a b section with the harmony but that’s just my preference. Only critique really would be the arp gets a bit monotonous after a while, maybe vary up the rhythm of it - again just my personal preference

  24. Pretty good atmosphere painted here. Is super minimal but it works. Have you considering trying a double time or even half time ethnic breakdown to keep it interesting?

  25. The mix is pretty good! The playing is spectacular as is the fx processing. Only thing my ears were hoping for was a B section with the harmony to come in.. and early ish, like after 16-20 bars. Overall super solid piece, cusps

  26. There will likely be no revenue, so you may want to offer to offer to pay someone for their work

  27. I have bloody hell zero idea about remixes. But I feel that keeping the same chord for 30 second feels dragged. Some alterations could help.

  28. I mean piano. I have very untrained ear (but in serious), and for me, it sounds almost like one chord. Maybe it's the way how its mixed?

  29. Ok yeah I know what you mean. It’s a lot of chords but all played with the same voicing and rhythm. Thanks for the feedback. Have actually went back and changed quite a bit w this, and will revisit the chord voicings too. Cheers

  30. I just wanted to show my admiration. This is really cool. Love the retro horror vibe and hollow theremin sound. Fits to the video really well.

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