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  1. V_M says:

    All the expenses and responsibilities, none of the income and experience.

  2. Rectifying all the mental health issues you've amassed before you're too old for people to care aha

  3. Men’s mental health and now being open and venting isn’t a sign of weakness. Almost lost 2 friends because they thought they were “weak” for opening up.

  4. sorry that is something really hard to have to go through, hope you are doing okay

  5. Probably when I was woken up at 3 am by Roseville PD shoving a shotgun in my face asking me if I was my roommate. He apparently had been cooking meth in his room he was renting and we were being raided. Sucks when he got arrested, his house cleaning skills were unmatched. Turns out, it's because he was slamming meth 🤷🏿

  6. how accurate do you find your whoop to be? A couple of my buddies have had issues with the data collection and insights whoop gives

  7. "If anyone is going to kill someone in this school, it's you." Got told that in grade 9.

  8. I guess my most shocking assumption would be overweight = stupidity.

  9. Unlike you, our dating apps aren’t overwhelming us with options daily.

  10. Personally available ai to do boring admin work

  11. Just this week I realized that it’s the fact that nothing is ever good enough for my narcissistic boss. All this shit that I’ve been thinking was my mental health issues and it has been that fucking piece of shit the whole time

  12. My ability to maintain relationships, friends and family. I isolate and push people away when I am stressed

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