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  1. So there is a good reason this guy looks like Ponder Stibbons.

  2. Don’t really know what he expected with having the Russian visa. They were within their rights to be offended by that and he essentially knew that would happen before trying 🤷‍♂️

  3. I'm sure there are plenty of journalists in Ukraine with russian visas in their passports.

  4. More accurate to say that your extruder is not moving parallel to the bed, it's getting closer to it on the left side.

  5. I think the take away here is babusya makes a lot of food haha.

  6. He's so unhappy, he removed all the tags from his profile...

  7. Even funnier. She just asked me if my name was Bruce, which is hilarious to me as an Australian, as that is Winston’s go to name for an Australian whenever he tries an Aussie accent

  8. IKR! A nicely toned calf was enough to drive a Victorian wild!

  9. Anyone speaking English is ethnically American, and belongs to America.

  10. Actually you got that round the wrong way. Speak English, you belong to the English.

  11. Who knows, but a symbol of hope is rarely a bad thing.

  12. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine, who just want to live their lives in peace.

  13. Indeed. Putin said he was a peace keeper, he kept all the peace for himself.

  14. I would have thought Xi would have welcomed the war earlier to distract everyone from his complete farce!

  15. I watched this speech yesterday, it's astonishingly good.

  16. He had pretty much that experience in Belarus, he was approached and "invited" to make propaganda... He legged it!

  17. Call an ambulance for when my girl has finished battering him!

  18. He was pretty blasé about Covid until it put him in hospital too...

  19. Isn't it lucky that the West don't randomly kidnap and hold people as political prisoners...

  20. What's to be confused about, it's a totalitarian dictatorship.

  21. Hint: Turn off javascript for site to get round paywall

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