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  1. No, pressure was fine. It was the flow rate going to each individual room that was the issue. I'm OK with normal above ground radiators, but this is a fancy underfloor system that I'm not really switched on with so needed matey boy to come and educate us.

  2. I spent my youth at Livewire learning to play drums! I have to say, The Union was always a pretty good pub!

  3. Livewire is still going strong! Andy does an incredible job there, he's a proper local hero.

  4. Nope, absolutely life changing for me. Incredibly happy. I've heard of people having trouble with titration but once things have been dialed in I've never heard anyone complain ever.

  5. I tend to use GSF as they always have a sale, good stock levels and availability.

  6. Have you found the quality of parts ok off eBay? I never know if I'm getting badly made knock off parts or something decent there.

  7. I'm on 45mg mirtazapine and 50mg vyvanse. The good thing about mirtazapine for me is that it's taken at night after the vyvanse has worn off and really helps me sleep. By the time the morning comes, I'm ready for vyvanse again. They seem to balance me out really well.

  8. Big Bang didn't form anything as it never happened. It's a religious BS.

  9. Where did you get that the big bang was religious?! It's the foremost theory on our universe so far, read up

  10. Wouldn't it just be terrible if we all just carried on camping on that jumped up toff cunt's land hey?

  11. If its any consolation, I was privately educated and my life is a never ending train wreck shit show.

  12. I'm on Elvanse through a shared care agreement, didn't have a single issue with it all. Based in South UK. Are there such significant differences at local levels?

  13. Probably age. I don’t know if this is true for cars, but for bikes older than a certain age there is an extremely expensive “MOT” which is intended to prod you to buy a new bike. This gives rise to a grey import market to Europe.

  14. I have a 56 year old motorbike and I've never paid anything more than the standard cost for its CC (despite it being exempt). What is the extremely expensive MOT you've mentioned?

  15. i cant see it being a troll post because what would be the purpose?

  16. you really believe someone made a throwaway trolling account solely to post a bait post on to uk legal advice? I get it, noone wants this to be real but what is else explains this? Trolls aren't just completely random, uklegaladvice isnt that big.

  17. Check out dermotilimania online, that will explain it in a lot more detail.

  18. I have an xc90, and honestly it's the one car I regret buying. Yes, it is insanely comfy, yes you feel like king of the road. BUT, parts and servicing are painfully expensive, and I'm not exaggerating in the slightest. Someone dinked my rear light and it was over £150 for a second hand light cluster. If you've got money to burn, go for it.

  19. Former police here. I can honestly say, unless you're above 80mph I never even bothered looking.

  20. I wouldn’t say it’s passive-aggressive as such, but I’m really not a fan of Christmas for many, varied reasons, so whenever I’m wished a merry Christmas by somebody, I respond with ‘you too,’ or ‘have a good time.’ I hope they enjoy themselves, obviously, so I’d never say ‘well, aCtUAlLy’ or anything, I just never say it.

  21. Oh thank fuck it's not just me! I'm happy for people enjoying this time of year and I'm not going to stomp on it or anything but it B REALLY isn't for me for a variety of reasons. Just giving a smile and an 'and you' gets some scowls quite often

  22. Sounds like a bad battery. Have you had it tested? Maybe bad terminal on the battery or bad ground connection also.

  23. You are quite right. Literally had it tested ten minutes ago. Battery f**ked. Thanks reddit person

  24. Exact scenario with me. It was an on and off issue. Sometimes the slip rings on the alternator get dirty stopping it from working properly. You can probably fix it yourself for free. Just YouTube it. Fairly easy

  25. Just out of curiosity, how do you 'bump the car off the hand brake'? Not heard of that before

  26. There is a Children's wing at Cardiff Uni Hospital. One summer, we were working on an AC unit on the roof...

  27. They're literally not though? Even provided links to prove they're correct....

  28. Could you advertise yourself on local fb community groups? Would you be able to offer repairs to small household appliances etc or is it just vehicles? Try tapping into make do and mend as a theme for those that can't afford to buy new?

  29. I repair & restore pretty much anything that doesn't need a computer to talk to it (if that makes sense?) A chap asked me to do his rear brake pads a while ago and it turned out that I needed a £250 cable to connect to the ecu to tell it to wind the calipers back to change them, not my gig unfortunately!

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