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  1. If you're concerned about infection you absolutely need to go to a doctor for an abrasion like that on your face. I completely understand that it can be hard to go in for something like this, but it's the safest option.

  2. Someone who sticks up for herself and others. Who is firm and unwavering in her convictions, but also kind and compassionate. Who works hard for what she wants and doesn't see other women as rivals or competition. Who treats everyone with dignity and respect, and demands the same in return.

  3. Yep. All my pain gets worse before my period. Then better, then worse again towards the end from using products. It's the worst.

  4. Wire mesh with a density of 1” should be fine. The holes are wide enough to let UVB pass through.

  5. OP might want to consider smaller mess. Some raccoons can fit their little hands through 1" mesh, they could still grab the turtle and injure or kill her.

  6. Animal abuse, domestic violence, exploitative/abusive work places (particularly industries that intentionally hire migrant workers to underpay and overwork them under threat of deportation), any other forms of exploitation and abuse.

  7. It definitely varies, but I tend to rotate a lot of the same meals. I eat a fully plant based diet, and try to focus on whole foods as much as possible. I'm 5'10 and quite active, so eat a fair bit of food.

  8. No matter what you want to do, start by building a really solid emergency fund. At least 6 months of all your expenses, but more is always better.

  9. Eh, imo people like that who went plant based for health reasons aren't much different than anyone else who tries some diet that they heard was good for them and then fail at it. The fad diet culture in the US in particular is pretty wild, and I can't fault anyone for failing at a diet they decided to try for health reasons.

  10. Those peanuts were the biggest surprise to me too! I feel like otherwise most things don't have gelatin if you wouldn't expect it, but the peanuts came out of nowhere for me too.

  11. Veganism! I was 100% one of those "I could never go vegan" people who loved meat, dairy, and eggs. I ate meat daily and was obsessed with cheese.

  12. Well he’s got more than 30 dogs but it says that none of them are available for adoption… Also I was schocked to see that he took an ENTIRE litter of husky puppies (8) to put into that house, on top of 30 adult dogs. I’m sorry but there is no way in Hell he has time to take care individually and personally of that many animals, now I know that he does not live alone he has a crew but I worry about the actual welfare of these puppies. He just rescues and rescues and rescued and I’m concerned he ends up way over his head one day

  13. Yeah it's definitely weird, it's not clear where all the dogs go or exactly what happens to them. It's common for sanctuaries (which is what his place is presented as) to have 30+ animals, but I don't like the apparent lack of transparency around the living areas, etc. Granted, it can be hard to show that through social media, but overall I agree that it rubs me the wrong way. For multiple reasons.

  14. My boyfriend is a massage therapist so he always had impeccable hand hygiene. Then the pandemic happened and he couldn’t work, so out of some newfound sense of liberation he decided to see how long he could grow out his fingernails. It took two interventions with our friends and me shutting my vagina down for business to end his experiment. Those early pandemic days were so weird.

  15. This is so funny but omg. I would have the exact same response if my partner tried this.

  16. I have a job that's completely unrelated to veganism and animal advocacy, and tbh I really like the balance it gives me. I pursue a lot of advocacy work in my personal time, and I think it would be exhausting to carry that through the work day as well. The only exception I could see would be if the specific work I'm currently doing could become a full time thing, but that would be something I personally started.

  17. That's exactly how i feel. I feel extremely pressured staying in that job and don't have a job that makes me happy. I also feel bad as a vegan that it doesn't fullfill me.

  18. I had debate after debate with some of my close friends for the first few years I was vegan. It became clear that they wanted to debate for the sake of debating and had no intention of changing their behavior.

  19. What if the animal is free range and does not suffer prior to death?

  20. 99% of animals raised for human consumption live on factory farms, true "free range" is exceptionally uncommon and the use of the phrase is humane washing from the industries.

  21. I'm not at all saying that natural selection doesn't exist. And maybe balance was the wrong word to use.

  22. Everyone on some level knows that an animal had to die for the meat they're eating, so it's seen as more noble or "honest" if the person was able to kill that individual themselves. Like they're owning up to the brutality of it. I think that's where you get the "if you couldn't kill the animal yourself you shouldn't eat them" mentality that's super common in those groups.

  23. I totally understand the sentiment, and this isn't at all unique to the vegan world. Vegan products are packaged similarly to the non-vegan products they compete with, and plastic waste is a world wide issue.

  24. Recently found my (now-ex) bf reading my journal in my room with my most personal secrets in there. He came out to the room and started telling me what he saw.

  25. Oof. Yeah tbh I'd probably have a really hard time coming back from that. Someone read my journal when I was a preteen and I've never felt like I could keep one again. It was such a huge and uncomfortable violation even at that age that it just doesn't feel safe.

  26. Sorry, but I am so over being a cool, pick-me vegan. It's only ever encouraged people to disrespect my beliefs and my boundaries. In the near decade that I've been vegan, most of my friends have also gone vegan and several others are vegetarian. If converting friends and colleagues were a game, I'd be winning. Being a cool vegan didn't persuade any of them to make significant lifestyle changes; firmly enforcing ethical boundaries and being unapologetic about it did. I personally don't believe that activism has any moral obligation to be "friendly" and kowtow to the delicate feelings of the poor, poor oppressors. You can be true to your ethics and willing to challenge the people around you without being a giant asshole about it, but "friendly" is pushing it for me.

  27. This was what I was thinking but didn't know how to phrase. You don't have to be "nice" to not be an asshole when sticking up for your beliefs.

  28. Why not just check your bags? It's slightly less convenient since you'll have to get them to the airport and pick them up, but you'd have to take then to the drop-off place for shipping anyway. Checking is likely to be cheaper as well.

  29. Sorta, yeah. Imo it's an understandable dislike, and the more important thing in this context is how you handle or act on your feelings.

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