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  1. Insane according to my partners

  2. Practically anything Fiona Apple is BPD songs. I really enjoy werewolf, paperbag, not about love and every single night. Pure genius .

  3. Mine is horrible omg. All the bars are super high or full..

  4. Mine was the same super high..besides the splitting. Which I feel I split more often than I’d like..

  5. Yes, I understand completely. It’s awkward and comes out super fake and unflattering. I’ve been told by my facial expression I look like I do drugs. Which is terrible…I try not to focus in on it, it makes it worse the more your aware of it

  6. I think about cutting every now and then. Haven’t done it yet, in a long time. I broke a dish glass the other day, and triggered me when I sliced my finger open. I don’t really change my appearance.. other self destructive self harm, would be not eating, binge eating, drinking.. or crying constantly

  7. I’m a psych nurse actually.. there are some days where I get triggered but definitely opened my eyes to a variety of mental illness.

  8. Hey friend. It’s gonna be okay. This too shall pass kinda thing.

  9. I’m trying to badly, it’s always constant feeling. Comes and goes as long I keep myself distracted and self destruct in the process. I haven’t cut myself in a long time, and I feel like relapsing. Drinking right now, about to take Ativan. I know it’s my anxiety

  10. -chasing bf barefooted/half naked to prevent him from leaving -manipulating my bf friends to talk crap about him and strain their relationship -messaging his ex’s some off the wall shit detailing her nipples -breaking crying down at work in-front of my patients and staff -showing up unwanted at a party -victimizing myself to everyone I meet

  11. I don’t feel like a terrible human being with this platform and the support is overwhelming with understanding. It’s been a blessing to find people who think like me. I’m not alone. 💕

  12. He definitely should’ve worded that better what the hell. My boyfriend actively try’s to communicate with me in the nicest manner possible. Today for example i wanted to hang out with him but he mentioned how he wanted a day to himself and how he’s going to be super busy this weekend. If he were to say “don’t start this shit again” i would be crushed. I’m sorry he responded in such a manner but it seems he’s frustrated. You should definitely try telling him that the way he responded was mean & if he could change his tone & how he replies to you from here on out.

  13. Thank you, I know there’s more to this then that..I initiated sex earlier in the message and he rudely told me to go do that with someone else.

  14. im so sorry hon.. even if you dont have much support irl, you have a whole community that understands and loves you

  15. I really appreciate it and this forum is a safe place for me. I’m glad I have people that are just like me, and I’m not alone in this battle. I’m really trying to avoid contact with him, and stay busy. Drinking… but just trying to gather my thoughts

  16. My toxic ass, finds another person to talk too. Or I’ll go insane and push them away with my text and call 100 times, till fp blocks me

  17. I decided to remove all electronics except for family tv time during the final week of every month. On other weeks they are allowed some gaming Monday, Wednesday and weekends. Kids need to be reminded how else to fill their time and stop filling their brains with hyper information present in electronics

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