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  1. It was from his balcony, not the street.

  2. Have you been to any inner city area lately. Drag queens are the norm. Every third person has some strange out fit on. Different to you is not different to someone else. Just do it.

  3. If it’s cheap enough and comes with all the proof of repairs then I wouldn’t avoid it

  4. I tried to do the right thing in my yard and was turned away at each attempt by the council. Brisbane.

  5. You both have established a good relationship , no need to pay a third party to manage it. All the paper work and LEGAL parts remain the same.

  6. The difference will be $10 a week more. I'm already stretched to the point that I have to choose which bill I can pay and which bill I have to postpone. I'm using the free box sign ups of different meal plans to feed myself at the moment. This can't last. I'm going backwards at a rate of knots. Six months ago, I could just manage. Today, everything has gone up. My gas and electricity have doubled, despite me using less. Petrol to get to work has gone up $0.30 a litre. I've given up all but the cheapest streaming service for entertainment and that's going to have to go soon. I can't afford to go to the Dr when I'm sick and can't afford ongoing medication for my chronic condition. I suddenly went from doing ok to I can't afford to live. I'm not entitled to any government assistance because I earn $100 a fortnight more than the threshold for a free health care card. I'm stuffed, mate.

  7. How much rent do you currently pay and for what? A one bed flat, a share house? A three bedroom home?

  8. I currently pay $350 a week for a 2 bedroom townhouse in Maitland, NSW. I'm very lucky that my landlord isn't going after the actual current market value for rent. The identical townhouse a couple of doors down from me is going for $400 a week and just recently, the one next door went for $390 a week. Rents are showing no sign of slowing in this area because there is so much demand. If I can't afford to live here, I won't be able to get anywhere else for any amount of money. I'm looking at buying a tent, but I have no idea where I can put it to live in.

  9. Time to sublet your spare bedroom or move to a one bedroom place or a share house.

  10. I never go right over to the side to turn. Be in the middle so that dangerous act can't happen. Less chance of a side swipe than being run over completely.

  11. They were deprecating before covid! My 8 year old car has 230k on the clock and still, regularly sell for similar prices to as new, (ignoring inflation etc). Not including maintenance / cost of use.

  12. That artificial inflation is ending. Already prices are coming back to norm. A one off event

  13. More important issues at the moment than a token acknowledgement invented relatively recently.

  14. It was invented in the 1970s In a 40000 year culture that is yesterday. In a western culture of 2000 years it's relatively recently.

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