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Shut the actual fuck up already, you fear mongering elderly piece of shit.

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  1. It’s weird because the logo looks wrong but the text all still has a Capital B, good find

  2. I have the regular Zen, been throwing it for a month and I love mines very smooth and predictable

  3. Congratulations, my league is Sunday I’d flip for numbers like this!

  4. Congratulations, my league is Sunday I’d flip for numbers like this!

  5. Everyone has mentioned a few tips, what I noticed was you drop the ball down very early. As mentioned before you’re carrying the ball before your last 2.5 steps. Try holding the ball with both hands for another full step maybe even step and a half and that should help.

  6. I remember because I graduated in 2009 from high school, not saying anyone is wrong, just could be different timeline.

  7. A couple coworkers have gotten the jab, + boosters, and they have also caught covid a minimum of two times. One coworker has caught it 4x, meanwhile the ones who held out are not getting it, and or getting over it a lot faster.

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