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Elon Musk announces ‘general amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts

Boldly go where we haven't been in a long, long time.

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  1. If you had read read such history books your all your alarm bells would be going off.

  2. Global supply chain leads you to enter the geopolitical arena.


  4. Don’t forget his grandfather was part of a Technocrat cult who moved to South Africa from Canada after apartheid began to get away from the “degenerate” Canadian and American societies. And his dad groomed his own stepdaughter into becoming his wife and bearing his kids. Elon is a caricature of white supremacy and patriarchal values. His whole white savior complex is ridiculous.

  5. Ahhhh so that’s why Elon likes him. They both connect on South African colonial style racism.

  6. If true Russia is in a truly desperate state throwing pots and pans to damage anything they can. The missiles aren’t equipped with warheads - conventional or otherwise.

  7. Candid question: when they run out of missiles, how will they hold to their threats of nuking the rest of the world ?


  9. Dumbest idea I have heard in a long time concerning NATO. And its coming from a Reagan era Republican... the irony abounds

  10. It’s pretty awesome. I bought their ‘everything’ bundle - it’s on sale today BTW. Sure you can make any of these things yourself but you’d need to devote substantial time to it.

  11. Almost sounds like religions also

  12. Relax. Elons running this place just like he runs Twitter. Go ahead… put your life in his hands.

  13. What about luring the wives of Supreme Court justices into fake elector schemes?

  14. Am I alone in thinking that many Yes votes were from those wanting Twitter to crash? This will end in Twitter self destructing.

  15. Shhh! Don’t tell Elon we’re fueling his tire fire by fueling his ego.

  16. That’s true. Elons like: “what does this machine do? Shut it down! Shut it all down!”

  17. Kinda yes but the end game is to increase engagement to lure advertisers back. No such thing as bad publicity kinda thing, if everyone is goin apeshit on twitter thats a ground too tempting for advertisers. We could just ignore it ...

  18. History has shown what’s most entertaining often proves fatal.

  19. Each time I see this article the amount of missing pot gets bigger.

  20. We have to have a war on Christmas in which the only way to win is by spending a ton and consuming as much as possible. If capitalism doesn’t win, the baby Jesus will die.

  21. We’re going to be focused 110% on Hunter Bidens laptop. Every other issue can suck it. - GOP

  22. ‘Owning the libs’ is worth burning civilization to the ground it seems.

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