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  1. There should be a bronze dragon on the top floor if not the 2nd from the top. You talk to him and there's like a dialogue option to click on and skip or something. That'll bring all the regular mobs in along with quest givesrs and quartermasters

  2. When talking to Osoria the bronze dragon on the second I don't see any options.

  3. the mentally-15 year olds in here will cry tears about this but it's the truth.

  4. That is really fucking stupid. This core got manhandled by Philly, and they suck this regular season. How can anyone loom at this team and not realize it’s bad?

  5. I's called 'Struction Phil, and it ends with me doing splits over the watermelon.

  6. This is'in a 'struction job for Bosell, Phil, leave this one for me. I buil' many sets in my life for uh, for the sessual es'periences. One' my firs' gigs in the industry before I star'ed actin' in 'em.

  7. Alright I’ll say it, why the shit is evoker getting a third spec before DH…

  8. There's literally nothing you could do for a 3rd DH spec. Elf swings with glaives. That's their fantasy.

  9. DH mains watching Evoker potentially getting 3rd spec

  10. There's rly nothing they could give DH that wouldn't be Havoc the Sequel. Elf swings glaive is basically their class fantasy and you can only get 2 specs out of that

  11. 4B was one of the best half-seasons the show's ever put out. 4A was weak though but even that wasn't a "mess". It was just a genre that didn't work for the kind of show this is

  12. Bro when EU woke up and found out and the latest council member Jzen made all the council / manager chatrooms public, what a shitstorm.

  13. Yeahhhh there were some insane balances left hanging. The tough thing about cycles being biweekly was Gallywix dying like right after the 2nd of 2 weeks ended

  14. Last day of Gallywix and the chaos in the discord server will be unforgettable 😢

  15. I had to stop and rewind for a sec bc spotify didn't have lyrics up for this one, and I swear she said "That's why they call me Lanita, when I get down on one knee-ta" like a play on "Juanita".......

  16. Hmm. She's definitely saying lanita??

  17. Pretty forgettable for me unfortunately. Most of them really meandered. Few strong highlights for sure though, title track/A&W/Peppers/Taco Truck

  18. I don't know why Will keeps saying they were enamored with Koloko.

  19. It's exhausting, people need to move on if they don't like it. If they're too reactionary to not grasp that drafting is about the future and not rookie-year, it's not the FO's problem

  20. Yea that’s true. So there isn’t a short cut for strictly pvp players? Like character boost and get like basic item level gear or whatever

  21. No shortcuts, it's just way faster to be BiS in PvP than it is to be bis in PvE

  22. I like it. It's crazy that this amount of content is what we normally would've got out of a .1 patch. And this isn't even the .1 patch

  23. “I feel like 6th is still reachable. Most definitely!” - delusional ass Fred.

  24. Fred that you? You’re not carrying shit. Tons of NBA players that would player better than that midget with that massive green light that he has

  25. If you're uncomfortable with the reality he's been our best player for a month or two, that's not his fault

  26. Ya man, Gaspar Noe is a sick puppy, and I love it. Climax has the best dancing I've ever seen.

  27. Climax was ridiculously good and yeah, I love that just about everyone was played by a professional dancer instead of an actor

  28. you were all sucking jakob off for being better than anyone of us could have imagined 2 weeks ago

  29. God, I think about this one a lot. The ending really did a number on me.

  30. I don't think he is legit, because the minimum time you can make a listing for is 12 hours so how could he relist 3-4 times a day without cancel checking (i mean, he could cancel without checking, but that would be just worse).

  31. I don't think they're wrong. I mean I sat on my characters all day for like 10 hours/day to cancel scan, but I really only had to tab in every 5 minutes and I was free to do other stuff.

  32. It's basically the whole argument of "you don't pay me for the hour it took to do this, you pay for the years of school that taught me to do it in an hour."

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