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  1. You can download full sized STL files to print out a prop Mac or pull dims off.

  2. Does anyone have a copy of the video "107 Censored Words You Can't Nickname Your Pokemon Anymore" by ABrandonToThePast?

  3. 338 Canada just updated. CPC now has a 75% chance of winning the most seats/15% majority.

  4. Allowing all kinds of replica guns including the MGC cap guns and Tokyo Mario stuff

  5. Maybe, this is just bad legalese either way. Edited again because legislation is confusing.

  6. it says a device that replicates a gun firing above that energy limit, so that applies to airsoft guns

  7. Why does the lighting on the houses look like something out of a Godzilla movie?

  8. For the open field idea, I was more thinking of it being private property that is just welcome for everyone to enter, with decent fences with “airsoft field, please keep out” signs around it. While insurance is good, it is the reason why airsoft fields are so expensive to run, so an unsupervised privately owned airsoft field could avoid that need as all the games and events can be run and planned by 3rd parties

  9. Damn man, where about is this field. All the fields i’ve been to in southern ontario have been 20 bucks for the day

  10. Not even at North America haha. Región de Ñuble, Chile (South America).

  11. East Asians in general don't give a shit about PC, can't even browse the comment sections about this movie on weibo without seeing a N-word somewhere.

  12. Japanese bullying: Allow us to introduce ourselves

  13. I don't know where you are going but in winnipeg it's 20 bucks. Pretty cheap actually.

  14. 3 friends went to a field for half day and reented… bill was above 300$ …..

  15. Is it possible to run a private home field? There’s gotta be a way to play without spending 100$ a person

  16. Have you tried looking into tv toys of this sort? Toy makers are underrated geniuses. Maybe take inspiration from bird or dragonfly RC toys

  17. I plan on making one of them feed up to 5 deactivated 556 rounds and one that feeds 30 slightly scaled down 556 rounds (Japanese replica gun makers would design the magazines to be slightly smaller along with slightly smaller shells to feed them in, so they cannot accept real rounds)

  18. char·ter /ˈCHärdər/ noun 1. (Canadian) a synonym for toilet paper.

  19. There’s a certain sound after the 8th round that you don’t hear in this video

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