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  1. AD spent time in the hyperbolic time chamber last month

  2. Woohoo! I can imagine how great that feels. I’m curious…how much and how frequently did you use before this? I’m wondering how long it might take me to test clean as well because that would open up a lot more job opportunities for me. I have smoked flower multiple times a day for the last 7 years though.

  3. Smoked quite a bit in the summer, stopped for a couple of weeks in july then did it daily since then. Weekends were pretty heavy too. But did it frequently over the years

  4. I’m day 33 and was sleeping fine until recently. I fall asleep fine but after maybe 4 to 5 hours I wake up and can’t really fall back into a deep sleep after that. It’s frustrating

  5. I’m at 33 days. My sleep has been off lately, which I didn’t have issues with early on. I wake up at the same time every night and then I’m in and out of sleep. Maybe it’s because most of the THC has left my body and my anxiety is impacting me.

  6. Takeout sounds like a good idea. I might just add Thai takeout on top of the pizza I am making. Lowkey same, I'm over people.

  7. Quitting caffeine seems more difficult than quitting weed. I’m 4 weeks clean come tomorrow from weed. I’ve been trying to cut back on caffeine and those caffeine headaches kill, I’ve been doing half decaf and that seems to help.

  8. I get it. Even though I have tons of great friends I still feel lonely. My wife left me back in April and with the holidays coming up I feel more lonely than ever. I’ve been clean for 4 weeks today, and haven’t had the urge to smoke hardly at all throughout this process.. except right now it sounds kind of nice. But then I think of how much damage it’s done to my life and how far I’ve come and that feeling of wanting it quickly goes away.

  9. both r good variations. but there r factors that matter for each. what depth r u going to for back and whats the box height for the box. for me i do knee angle specific stuff. so i go down to the knee angle i jump from then explode up.

  10. With the box i do slightly above parallel. With my back squat I go a bit under parallel.

  11. Wow, so it’s been about 6 months? I’m sorry. Has it gotten easier? I’m about 3 months in. I was hoping maybe at the 6 month mark I’d feel a little better but based on how you feel it looks like not.

  12. Ups and downs. I had stretches where I felt good and then some horrible downs when i least expected. Making lifestyle changes and seeing a therapist. Feeling good where I’m at right now. Hope everything is working out for you

  13. Why would you invest in caring what your ex is up to? Outside of dealing with kids; you should leave the ex where they the past. Why would you dread the ex getting on with life? You need to move forward and quit looking back.

  14. We still share a lot of the same friends. The divorce was amicable, even though I didn’t want it. I don’t hate her, I hope she does well. I do my best to avoid what’s going on in her life, but sometimes things happen.

  15. 7 months is amazing. I’m in the same situation where drugs ruined me as a person and I lost my wife of over a decade in June

  16. Damn I can relate to both of you guys. I’m 31 and my wife divorced me this summer. Hardest time of my life. After today I will be 3 weeks sober.

  17. If you haven’t used since September then you should be fine

  18. Hey, I’m working on transitioning into a BA role as well. Good luck on your journey.

  19. I don’t personally, but was actually reading a thread on here about exactly what you’re experiencing. From what I gathered it has to do with the THC that is being stored in your fat. When you start burning the fat then the THC is released and you can experience a high from it. Maybe something similar is happening if you’re sweating throughout the night. It’s temporary

  20. In those moments think of all of the negative impacts it has had on your life, do you really want to go back? How bad do you want change?

  21. Smoking weed is like putting weights on yourself. After so long you get used to it and it's normal. Then you finally take it off (stop using) then you're stronger. Like dbz with the weights they keep on there shins and wrist.

  22. You may have some experience but it's a little bit messy to be honest, it isn't so clear what you do at first glance so recruiters might just toss your CV away.

  23. I’ve actually done that, I reached out to the BA manager and expressed my interest. He had me shadow some of his BAs for a month. He may it seem like he wanted me on his team, but unfortunately there aren’t any openings atm. So that is an option down the road, but who knows when that will be. I’ll look into python. I just started learning some SQL literally yesterday and am picking up on it fairly quick.. It’s kind of fun to me

  24. I would suggest you go for certification and actually have a background of what you want to get into.. and make sure the organizers have interview prep asistance

  25. Any particular certifications? I was reading up on the CBAP and also was looking into Salesforce.

  26. Where do your skills lean now? What draws you to business analysis?

  27. I’m kind of in the same boat as this person, looking to get a BA job. I just started a few exercises with SQLbolt you recommended 👍

  28. Like others have said, companies are pretty loose about the definition of what a BA is and does and this can sometimes also get confused with a BSA's tasks.

  29. I feel like I qualify for a BA position, but would still like to improve. Do you have any recommendations that could increase my marketability, such as certifications? Someone mentioned a CBAP, I was researching that a bit.

  30. This is the situation in my org as well. What kind of companies are you looking at? I am in the PMO of an org that provides professional services, not tech related. I work mostly on internal, enterprise projects. We have not had any coding skills requirements for our BAs.

  31. Not any kind of company in particular, I was browsing indeed so it was across the board.

  32. Improved sleep. Slight improvement in mental sharpness. I’m actually starting to feel some emotion again, less of a zombie. Random moments of actual happiness, which I think is more or less coming from the fact that I’m proud of myself for making this change and sticking with it.

  33. I just discovered this thread the other day. You are absolutely correct! I'm on day 6, really haven't been craving it, but when I was taking my dog on a late evening walk I could smell some of it in the air and for a second I really wanted it. Snapped out of it, and read some posts on here. Nope, don't need it.

  34. Nice work and encouraging to hear. What have you noticed from the cold showers?

  35. Start exercising with an emphasis on cardio. The benefits of it for the brain are insane. There are some natural supps I would suggest too but Reddit will remove the comment.

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