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  1. Decided I would deal with it tomorrow, her friend tjat wanted to help me got dismissed

  2. I will definitely give one, be looking at the subreddit around 3:20 est

  3. Period pain and the chance of having a baby is something I don't want to experience

  4. You can take pills for the pain and there are a LOT of methods to avoid pregnancy

  5. Also more organs means a higher chance of something going wrong internally.

  6. It never asked to be sold, it also has no source of income. Why should it pay you back?

  7. Are we talking about this situation in a “I met a new friend” context or a “I met a potential bf/gf” context?

  8. True people act as if its the worst gore video out there but its just the most popular

  9. Yeah, it looks bad but compared to other cartel and war stuff, it was pretty mild tbh

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