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[Post Game Thread] #16 Fairleigh Dickinson defeats #1 Purdue, 63-58

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  1. Yeah that’s the bittersweet part of college bball. You get some players and you hope they play well, but when they play too well they leave.

  2. Personally I am very happy with this outcome in this specific instance. We are about to get absolutely slaughtered in Big 12 basketball next season, and Hendricks cannot carry this team by himself.

  3. It's kinda crazy to think that in a few years he could be QB1. We have so much depth at the QB position right now: JRP, TC12, and Timmy McClain fighting for the QB1 job, Rizk likely redshirting and waiting his turn, plus 2 walk-ons.

  4. I here for comments.

  5. They should give the program the death penalty.

  6. You know the game is a blowout when the announcers spend time talking about someone's girlfriend on the court

  7. The fact that the scorebug text for Oregon is white blinds my eyes. The ESPN person who said white looked good there is bad and should feel bad

  8. So I will preface this by saying both skrewt and the dragon use actual steam from a boiler (seperate boilers, not the same one), not a fog juice. If the boilers aren’t working that day for whatever reason or the ride detects the steam is below a certain pressure/temperature it will safely shut it off. For skrewt this isn’t too much of a problem as you can reset that from the booth assuming the booth ops spots it and calls it in. The dragon on the other hand needs a person at the dragon to reset it manually, so if it goes out part way through the day, it’s just easier (and safer) to leave it out for the rest of the day rather than send someone out there it reset it.

  9. Just wait until you see everyone's summer attire lol.

  10. lmao, maybe he hopes that once it's open source some people work on it in their free time

  11. A Musk family member utilizing unpaid labor? I feel like I've heard this one before...

  12. Iowa football offense 🤝 Iowa St basketball offense

  13. Saw a tweet poll asking which offense would you trust to score for $1 million. I think I sat there for a good 3 minutes trying to decide which one would be more likely to score

  14. Hold on let me find my VHS tapes for the last time Miami was relevant in football

  15. Miami is so relevant that even when they suck they get 3-4 prime time games per year. I’ve never watched a UCF football game in my life, and neither has 99% of the country

  16. I know you’re just a troll looking for attention, but here’s some numbers for ya:

  17. Haven't taken chem at UCF so this is based on what I have heard, but you may be better off if you can take it transient at one of the local state colleges (Valencia, Seminole State, etc.)

  18. Recent tweet suggests that they will be closed until campus fully reopens on Monday

  19. Dont forget they have Chicago's pick too. That one could realistically be Hendricks imo

  20. I'm graduating soon, and weighing whether I should apply for a post-doc. This type of thing is making me lean against it. This sucks. UCF is my life.

  21. Because destroying the state education system is precisely what FL voters elected them to do. They see higher education here as "liberal indoctrination" and gutting it is how they "own the libs", thus leading to re-election.

  22. That makes two P5 Florida teams that will be playing on a Thursday in August this season

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